The Cultured Podcast

TCP 042 - Performance Art, With Danielle Deadwyler

May 26, 201831 min
This week’s guest on The Cultured Podcast possesses some truly infectious energy! Danielle Deadwyler, to put it in her own words, is a multimedia artist who uses her body as her primary medium. Throughout her career, this has manifested itself across multiple channels, including on-screen and on-stage acting, dance and performance art. In her conversation with Michelle, Danielle discusses her method, process, and motivations. Danielle and Michelle discuss how the goal of Danielle's art—whether it be in a traditional acting role, an abstract performance, or life itself—is to explore the chaos of life and how we can flow freely within it. She also explains how her art is influenced by the issues that are most important to her: motherhood, sexuality, and the relationship between them.

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