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April 24, 2024 44 mins

Dan Eisenhardt, CEO and Founder of FORM Swim, shares his journey of creating the world's first augmented reality swim goggles. Discover how real-time data can enhance your training sessions, the most useful features of the goggles, and the challenges faced during development. If you're looking to forge your own path in your professional life, Dan also provides valuable insights on getting started and three essential considerations for starting a business. Tune in to this episode for all this and more.

02:05 The Light Bulb Moment
04:49 The Evolution of Technology in Swimming Goggles
06:23 Testing the Prototype
07:52 The Complications of Delivering Low Latency Heart Rate Sensing in Water
12:47 The Indispensable Tool for Swimmers
13:56 Taking Areas of Interest and Experience to Create Something Different
16:13 Serendipity and the Right Place, Right Time
20:17 The Importance of Learning from Competitors
24:13 Acting with Conviction: Getting Things Done
29:00 Favourite Features in Form goggles
32:44 The Value of Premium Offerings
38:36 The Three Key Factors in Business Success
43:02 Form Goggles: A Game-Changer for Low-Tech Swimmers

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