The Freelance Podclass

The Freelance Podclass

The Freelance Podclass is not your ordinary podcast! It features a series of actionable lessons designed to help you solve the biggest challenges you are facing in launching and growing a profitable Freelance Business. Join the founder of Freelance University, Craig Cannings, and an amazing faculty of Freelance experts as they offer valuable and practical step-by-step lessons and guides to up-level your skills and make you competitive in this rapidly growing Freelance economy. As a Freelancer, you need to "keep learning to keep earning," so access fluff-free, practical mini-classes that will inspire and propel you to live a flexible, thriving and profitable Freelance life!


May 25, 2023 23 mins

How do you transition from being a stay-at-home parent to a freelance business owner? Today our guest is Lisa Doiron, a stay-at-home mom who built a web design business from scratch after years of taking time off to raise her family. 

As a long-time student at Freelance University, she has valuable insights to share about developing skills and leaning on a community for support. Join us as we talk about va...

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With all the innovation we’re seeing these days, how do you stay on top of technology and even offer freelance services in that area? Today our guest is Paula Holsberry, who has journeyed from being a school teacher to a freelance Asana specialist with her business, Tessera Virtual Business Solutions.

Join us as we discuss some important principles and strategies about niching down and turning a software i...

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Managing your finances is crucial to running and managing a successful freelance business, whether it’s full time or a side hustle. But many of us struggle if bookkeeping is not our strength.

Today our guest is Ashley Cline, a digital marketing consultant and freelancing expert with more than 15 years experience in the digital marketing space. Join us as she shares effective tips, tools, and strategies tha...

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How do you manage the tension between your personal and professional life when you work from home? Today our guest is Hilary Sutton, a fractional CMO, writer, speaker, and host of the Hustle & Grace Podcast, where she serves as the chief explorer in helping people cultivate a flourishing career in life.

Join us as we discuss both the challenges and freedoms of working from home. We’ll share important tips,...

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Today we’re thrilled to present a student spotlight with Emma Marriott-Predmore, a military spouse who’s been a virtual assistant since 1999 and now works as a freelance affiliate manager. She’s built a thriving VA agency and referral networks that benefit military spouses and dependents who work remotely and relocate often.

Join us as she shares her story and provides many valuable takeaways that will hav...

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How do you design a great website for your freelance business? Today our guest is Brian Hall, a conversion optimization consultant. He’s helped big brands like Udemy, L’Oreal, and Ghirardelli increase their website revenue and now helps small business owners and freelancers improve their website strategy.

Join us as we discuss the single most important element of a successful freelance website and recommen...

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How do you bring your previous skills and experience into the exciting new world of freelancing? Today our guest is Janine Kelbach, the CEO of Write RN and host of the Savvy Scribe Podcast. She is a long-time nurse, educator, author, and freelance health content writer who knows a lot about transitioning to freelancing after having a long-term career.


Join us as we discuss the top soft skills that can be...

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February 16, 2023 27 mins

Are you interested in building an agency or multi-VA firm? Today our guest is Kristy Yoder, the founder and CEO of Smart VAs and host of the Master Delegator Podcast. She leads a team of more than 70 VAs and knows a lot about transitioning from a solopreneur virtual assistant to a CEO. Join us as we discuss the strategies and mindset you’ll need to have so you can overcome challenges and make a successful transition to...

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February 2, 2023 19 mins

Canva is arguably one of the most popular design tools in the world right now. But how do you use it to offer a value-added service to your clients? Today our guest is Rhiannon Rosas, a graphic designer and social media manager who helps service providers stand out online with attractive content that’s cohesive to their brand. Join us as we discuss key graphic design opportunities and important steps...

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January 12, 2023 29 mins

To kick off a new year and celebrate the 100th episode of the Freelance Podclass, we’ve created a brand new guide called “The Top 100 Freelance Jobs for 2023.” In this episode, we’ll share important aspects of the top 100 jobs and go through many of the categories that will be in demand this year. This guide is the result of intensive research and surveys that uncovered the most in-demand opportuniti...

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December 22, 2022 25 mins

As you reflect on the past year and look toward the future, what does 2023 hold for you and your business? Even if you’ve had a difficult year or faced challenging economic times, you can face the new year with a positive perspective. In this episode, we share a 7-step formula on how you can plan for success in 2023 using the acronym FREEDOM – the hallmark of why we exist at Freelance University. Joi...

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December 8, 2022 30 mins

How do you create proposals that turn into ideal clients? Today our guest is Eman Zabi, the founder of Scribesmith, a copywriting agency, and Terrain, an online learning business. She warns of mistakes you can make with proposals and suggests valuable tips for building a personal connection with potential clients. Join us as we discuss the best ways to ensure you deliver a winning proposal that has b...

November 25, 2022 24 mins

How do you run effective promotions and discount offers in your freelance business? And should you even offer them? Today we’ll unpack six types of promotions and discounts, with examples of how you could apply them in real-life scenarios. Join us as we discuss the benefits of running discounts not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but at other strategic times in your business.


Podcast Ou...

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In this episode, we’re diving into the wonderful world of freelance writing! It’s one of the longest running freelance trades and is still popular today. But how do you discover your ideal freelance writing niche when there are so many things you can do? Today we’re joined by Melanie Padgett Powers, a freelance writer and editor who is the owner of MelEdits. She shares a simple three-step process tha...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are vital for any business that’s looking to level up their game in Google and get more visibility. But how do you begin offering those services as a freelancer or virtual assistant? Today our guest is Danielle Gagnon, an SEO specialist and lover of all things content creation. Join us as she describes the types of services you can offer, along with key steps...

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October 27, 2022 18 mins

In the social media age we’re living in, you can lose your reputation in the blink of an eye. And that’s a problem, because your reputation is everything in the freelance industry. But never fear — today we’re talking about 10 different ways you can establish your reputation as a freelancer or virtual assistant. Join us as we discuss practical strategies you can implement right now to impress both cu...

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Are you interested in offering freelance social media management services? Today our guest is Latasha James, an online educator and content creator who has encouraged thousands of people to start and scale online businesses. Join us as we discuss how to build a thriving freelance business as a social media manager. Whether you’re currently offering these services or considering adding them to your bu...

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What are the qualities of an exceptional subcontractor? Today our guest is Sue Harrawood, founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. She’s been working in the VA industry for almost 20 years and knows a thing or two about subcontracting. Join us as we discuss the qualities of exceptional subcontractors and how you can prepare to be one. Whether you’re interested in hiring subcontractors or becoming...

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How do you build a recession-proof freelance business, able to withstand whatever circumstances you find yourself in? Today we’ll unpack seven strategies to help you prepare for a potential recession and even thrive in the midst of it. Join us as we look to the future with hope, discussing the resilience of the freelance and virtual assistant industries!


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How do you successfully transition from being a corporate employee to a freelancer? Today we’re joined by marketing authority Lindsay White, who left her corporate job in 2019 and created a profitable freelance marketing agency. Join us as we discuss strategies to leverage your transferable skills and enjoy the flexibility and autonomy offered by the remote work lifestyle!


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