The Melissa Ambrosini Show

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide, PurposeFULL, Comparisonitis and Time Magic (Australian Business Book of the Year 2023). Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, her mission is to inspire women to create the most exciting and meaningful life possible. In each episode, Melissa shares her wisdom and brings you inspiring conversations with celebrities, thought leaders and world-class experts to shift your mindset, fuel your body, mind and soul and propel you into inspired action in your life and business. Find out more at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


June 23, 2024 32 mins

As an entrepreneur, the way that I feel and perform has a direct impact on my business — and that includes my bottom line.

So for that reason (among many others!) I place a huge priority on taking care of my body, mind, and spirit and giving them what they need to thrive.

So in this episode, I'm sharing the exact daily routine and diet that have helped me excel as an entrepreneur and generate over $11 million in revenue.&nbs...

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What does it take to turn your financial health around?

In today’s moment, New York Times bestselling author and personal finance expert Ramit Sethi walks us through a practical approach to rewriting your ‘invisible scripts’ about money.

Press play to discover: overcoming common mindset blocks around money and work, the power of thinking big when it comes to wealth creation, and why you need to focus on becoming the best lear...

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Want to know the marketing strategy that’s changed the game in my business?

Automated DMs.

This is a strategy you’ve probably seen in action before on social media, even if you didn’t quite know how it worked — or how powerful it was.

At the most basic level, it works like this: a social media account will say something like “Comment RECIPE” in their post. Then when you comment, an automated bot instantly sends you the rec...

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You probably already know that drinking water is important. But did you know that not all water is created equal?

In this moment, Josh Hiam, the founder of Hydrogen Health, shares how the quality of our H2O impacts our wellbeing in a multitude of ways.

Press play to learn: the importance of flow, why you should never drink out of plastic bottles, and the impact of correctly structuring your water.

Visit Hydrogen Health: hy...

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The questions we ask ourselves each day shape our experience and how we view the world.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the life-changing art of asking better questions.

This is a skill that's so much more powerful than you might think. It can transform your mindset, deepen your relationships, amplify your creativity, and unlock doors you didn’t even know existed.

Honestly, it’s one of the most powerful life hac...

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If life has thrown you a bunch of lemons, how do you rebuild your sense of hope and possibility?

Adventurer and world record holder Colin O’Brady was in his twenties when a freak accident landed him in hospital. His injuries were so critical that doctors were worried he would never walk again.

In this inspiring moment, Colin details the process he used to rediscover hope and motivation during his darkest times.

Press play ...

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Do you know how to protect your personal energy when working with clients?

Have you ever wondered how unseen forces like karma might influence your business success?

And are you curious about how spiritual growth can fuel your entrepreneurial journey?

In this profound conversation, Caitlin Marino — a renowned energy healer — shares her unique insights into the interconnectedness of energy work and business success.


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Do you suffer from painful periods, bloating, low energy or other hormonal issues?

In this moment, women’s health expert Alisa Vitti explains the crucial importance of optimizing our monthly cycle through simple lifestyle shifts.

Press play to learn: the hormonal triggers that cause period pain, why nature designed your body for pain-free periods, the 4 phases of the infradian rhythm, and how to work with the nuances of your ...

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Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed or bogged down lately, and can't seem to figure out why?

It might not be your packed schedule that's causing that “weighed down” feeling — it could be because your personal energy field is getting cluttered.

So — want to learn how to declutter your energy?

Let’s do it…

Join SheLaunch:

Head to for the show notes.

Join my newsletter: www....

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Most of us have a gut feeling that social media is hijacking our productivity… But what can we do about it? 

In this moment, bestselling author and professor Cal Newport shares his simple but life-changing framework of digital minimalism, which allows you to get the most out of social media while staying in control of your usage.

Press play to discover: how to map out a constructive relationship with social media, why it...

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Have you ever wondered what's really happening inside your brain when you feel overwhelmed or stressed? 

What if you could tap into neuroscience tools to not only manage these feelings, but actually improve your overall quality of life? 

And imagine if there were ways to dissolve the root causes of emotional blocks that hold you back from success and happiness?

Enter Dr. Deb Sandella, a pioneering psychologist an...

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How do you save a relationship that’s falling apart? Is it even possible?

In this moment, relationship expert Bruce Muzik shares the proven method that can salvage your relationship and reignite your love for each other.

Press play to discover: the powerful 2-step process for saving a relationship that’s on the brink, the critical importance of addressing your partner’s needs, his genius method of using “never again” moments ...

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Ever caught yourself daydreaming about a life that’s so thrilling and fulfilling that it almost feels out of reach?

Whether it's sipping herbal tea in a quaint Parisian cafe, launching your dream online business, or simply finding more joy in everyday moments, the life of your wildest dreams is not just a distant fantasy…

… It's a potential reality — and it’s waiting for *you* to make the first move.

And in this episode, I...

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Remember when you were a child and life felt full of magic?

Well, your life can feel that magical again. And today’s guest is here to show us how.

Mia Magik is a successful author, speaker, coach and modern-day witch who’s dedicated to reviving ancient wisdom in our contemporary world. Her mission is to empower women from all over the world to tap into the magic that surrounds them and lives within them.

In this mesmerizin...

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Did you know that hitting the gym or taking a walk can skyrocket your business success?

Sounds a bit far-fetched, right? But trust me, it's not.

In this episode, I'm sharing how physical fitness is not just good for your body, it's also powerful fuel for your business.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding this connection can be a game-changer.

Join SheLaunch:

Head t...

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Ever wondered how to optimize your menstrual cycle for better health and well-being? 

Curious about the biohacks that will keep you feeling youthful and energized from now through to perimenopause and beyond?

Or maybe you’d just like to know how to finally feel like the main character in your life, instead of a mere sidekick?

In this enlightening episode, we’re joined by Aggie Lal, a visionary biohacker, podcaster, au...

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One of the coolest perks of having a top-rated podcast is getting to meet people who are usually out of reach.

I'm talking about the absolute best of the best; the top 1% of achievers – the ones who have written New York Times best selling books, broken records and achieved mind-blowing things.

After more than 500+ conversations with these incredible people, I've picked up some game-changing success habits that can completely...

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Ever feel like you’re just not where you want to be in life and love? 

Meet Daniel Chidiac, the best-selling author who transformed his life from rock bottom to a multimillion-dollar empire. Daniel joins us on the show to unravel the strategies behind his stunning turnaround and to share his unique insights into success, mindset, modern dating, relationships and more.

Tune in to discover: how he went from despair to sell...

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Have you ever stood on the edge of a dream or an important goal, only to whisper to yourself, “I’m not ready”?

If so, you're not alone.

During my 13 years of running an online business, this is the #1 most common limiting belief I’ve seen in my clients.

In fact, this one simple phrase — “I’m not ready” — is perhaps the single most significant barrier to achieving our goals, living our fullest lives and realizing our potent...

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How do you stay afloat when your world is falling apart?

How do you look after yourself, your health, and your business when the rug has been pulled out from under you?

And what about those big, messy emotions that come during times of grief and uncertainty — how do we deal with them? And can they actually be a secret catalyst for transformation?

In this deeply personal and profoundly uplifting episode, I’m joined by the i...

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