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November 30, 2023 392 mins
There was quite a reaction to our last session with Dr Gregory Smith, the guy who faced extraordinary trauma, turned his back on society, walked into a forest and stayed there for 10 years. Over the four seasons of The Mojo Sessions, there have been some definite themes appear. The guys at Doublestar, the production team behind The Mojo Sessions, suggested we do a Megamix of five trauma-related conversations back to back as a holiday superset. It's a long-form episode containing five conversations in all.
We start with Iris Gardner, the wife of former Navy Seal Commander-in-Chief, Jason Gardner. Iris had a brutal upbringing, living in a house with a sexual predator who was a friend of the family. Iris is brave, humble, and out to share her story so that we can benefit from her learnings. Starts: 00:07:50
Then we meet Preethaji, who runs the O & O Academy in India. Preethaji has such a simplistic way of demonstrating how many of us, through our thoughts and actions, live in a world of suffering. This conversation shows how we go from a suffering state into a beautiful state. I've interviewed Preethaji a few times, and I find her approach to life and her philosophy a huge advantage. Starts 01:49:15
Sarah Woodhouse is a research psychologist who specialises in trauma. We talk about trauma and traumatic experiences. What Dr Sarah wrote about in her book "You're Not Broken" is that many people who are suffering from trauma or a traumatic experience say that they feel broken. Sarah is fantastic. This conversation sets up how we can reframe trauma and traumatic experiences. Starts 03:01:00
I first heard Dr Bruce Perry in a conversation with Oprah on 'Oprah Soul Sessions'. At that time, Oprah said that her conversation with Bruce Perry was one of the most important she had ever had. Oprah realised that rather than exploring what was 'wrong with her', the better question was 'what happened to her?'. Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak in the last number of years will know that I think Dr Bruce Perry's book (written with Oprah) entitled "What Happened To You", is a most valuable resource, as what happened to you quite often is anchored down in a backstory. Starts - 04:15:07
The lovely Yemi Penn spoke to us about rewriting our story. Your past does not equal your future. By embracing and acknowledging your past and rewriting that narrative, we can change it to how it can benefit today. Yemi is the author of the book "Did You Get The Memo", which is about changing that backstory. Starts 05:27:37
Listen to all five Megamixes back to back or break them up on several days as you go to and from the office or away on a road trip. These five conversations form the first in a Megamix series that will centre on one particular topic each time, which, for this Megamix, is trauma.
One thing that occurred to me when we were putting this together was that when you know somebody who is struggling, perhaps experiencing a challenging time of their life, or facing trauma or a dramatic experience, I think this Megamix is gold—five opinion leaders who each have an amazing story, philosophies and content to share. If you know somebody and think they can benefit, shoot them the link to this Megamix on trauma.
EP 109: Iris Gardner - Building The Strength To Emerge From The Darkness
Iris Gardner spent her childhood off the grid, an ideal life in the woods for a kid, totally off-grid, heading out on horseback, confronting mountain lions, reading books, growing and hunting their food, until the day a sexual predator moved into the house. This family friend would throw the life of a young 5-year-old child into unspeakable darkness. Hear a remarkable story from a truly remarkable lady who has emerged from that darkness with a message that will change how we view life and the lives of our children.
EP 110: Preethaji - Creating A Life of Purpose, Free From Suffering
Preethaji, one of the world’s leading female philosophers, founded O&O Academy, a ph
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