The Priory Society - Podcast for Swingers

The Priory Society - Podcast for Swingers

We're Isis & Eros, a married couple in our late 30's from Los Angeles, CA. Four years ago my husband & I decided to become SWINGERS! We find couples that also want to explore their naughty side & we have sexy fun with them. We started this podcast to share our adventures. Peek inside our world of being "married with benefits." If you're curious about the swinging lifestyle, we offer unconventional dating advice and tips Many of our listeners just tune in just to hear the stories of the sexy fun we have with other couples. Everybody is welcome. We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swinger's lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society. We have to keep our activities private from family and vanilla friends, we gather in secret, and the uninitiated don't know what we really do behind closed doors. We give you a glimpse into the secret world of the swingers on "The Priory Society Podcast." Come listen to our stories of wife swaps & other fun. Web: Instagram: Twitter:


September 15, 2023 40 mins

We met this couple on Kasidie the swinger dating site. They reached out about wanting to do a wife swap with us. We chatted for about a month. Once we confirmed that everybody was attracted and our velocity toward play was a match we made a date to meet up.

Everything did not go as planned. 

She's a tall Middle Eastern beauty with a perfect bubble butt & he's a handsome European gentleman with a classy style. They reserved a hotel ...

Mark as Played

We interview Lynn & Ryan, a married couple from the Midwest. They are heavily involved in their church ministry but a few years ago they discovered the swinging lifestyle. They talk to us about how they balance their faith & the naughty fun they have in private. 

You may remember them as "The Horny Pastor & his Naughty Wife." We originally had them on the podcast in Episode 47. They are back to catch us up on the fun they've been h...

Mark as Played

We met a couple at the lobby bar of their Beverly Hills hotel. They invited us back to their hotel room & we did a full wife swap. We recorded this episode in the car on the way to the date & afterward.

We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the way our dates usually flow. We give you useful tips to help improve your own dates with other swingers in the lifestyle.

Four years ago my husband & I decided to become SWINGERS!...

Mark as Played

This sexy couple works in law enforcement & we featured them in episode 51 of the podcast. Auggie & Myra, join us in the studio once again for a recording session.

They are having tons of fun in the swinging lifestyle & they catch us up on the naughty activities that they enjoy on their days off of work. They are both cops in a major city so their schedules make it difficult to arrange double dates.

They realized that it's easier f...

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Part 2 of 2 - We continue our sexy escapade with our naughty couple. In Episode 61 you heard about how we met Lexi & Derrick & the details of our first full swap in Vegas.

In this episode, you will hear what happened from 9pm to midnight on that same Saturday evening. We play again & get a little naughtier. We also offer learning lessons that will help you improve your own swing...

Mark as Played

Today we're gonna tell you about a wife swap we did with a sexy couple in Las Vegas Lexi & Derrick met us at the Bellagio Casino during one of our business trips. We hit it off over drinks & things got naughty pretty quickly.

We give you the "play-by-play" of our full swap date. If you're already active in the swinging lifestyle this episode is loaded with useful information that will help improve your own dates.

You will learn the...

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In this episode, we interview a Hotwife & her husband. Jazz is a sexy black woman who looks like Alicia Keys. Jinx is an all-American man who is 18 years older than her. Their female-led relationship has developed into a very fun scenario for both of them.

Jazz has permission to embrace the Hotwife Lifestyle. He encourages her to have fun & explore her naughty side with other men. She dates & has sex with any men that she chooses.


Mark as Played

We interview a married couple from Chicago with a big secret. They led a Christian church ministry & he was the pastor for over 10 years. They are swingers for several years hid a Dominant & Submissive dynamic in their relationship. They would incorporate BDSM into their play but on Sunday mornings they communicated the word from the pulpit at church.

They share how they deal with religious guilt that comes from being raised in the...

Mark as Played

Today we address a major issue in the swinging lifestyle & it's something known as the "4-way connection." People crave 4-way chemistry. But the truth is that many couples are having a hard time finding good 4 way matches with other swingers because they're usually doing a few things wrong.

These Lifestylers become frustrated because they can't seem to meet the right couples or singles that inspire them to get naked. There is hope....

Mark as Played

Hey sexy people, today we cover the 4 reasons why swingers should ALWAYS get hotel rooms with 2 beds for their wife swaps. New swingers don't know any better so they only get 1 bed & seasoned lifestylers continue to do what they've always done with no innovation.

There is a better way to do your partner swaps & today you will learn it. We're going to give you 4 teaching points that will help you enjoy your naughty experiences at a...

Mark as Played

Hey Sexies welcome back to the Priory Society Podcast. In this episode we interview a naughty couple that we met on Kasidie. Mr. & Mrs. VulAndSirae came to our recording studio to share their experiences in the swinging lifestyle.

The Mrs. is a pretty Latina with a perky butt & banging body. She lost her virginity to a BBC and still loves black guys. The Mr. is just a man. He's has a great attitude & caters to her every fantasy in...

Mark as Played

Hey Sexies, in this episode you will hear about the very first time that my husband & I did a full swap in separate rooms with a sexy couple.

We'll tell you about this naughty encounter with Bailey & Sean, a hot military couple. We met for a round of drinks at a bar. They invited us over to their place & we all hopped into their hot tub in the nude. 

One thing led to another & we ended up splitting up & swapping in separate bedroom...

Mark as Played

In today's episode we cover the next part of our series on "Swinger Fundamentals" & it's all about improving your swinger dating profiles so that you can go on more sexy dates.

We focus on the text in your bio. The bio on your swinger dating profile allows you to tell the world who you want to meet, and what you want out of the lifestyle.

Most swingers don't put enough effort into crafting their dating profile which is why most of...

Mark as Played
We recorded this audio in our car while traveling from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles. It was originally only heard by our podcast supporters that have purchased our Backstage Pass Membership.

We decided to release it to our entire audience as a sample in hopes you decide to join our podcast membership. You too can get all the bonus audios & videos that we upload to the private m...
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Here is another interview in our series called "Confessions from the Swinger Next Door." Ms. M, & she shares her naughty adventures as a promiscuous single woman in the lifestyle.

She loves all styles of play including being a Hotwife & BDSM. She developed a relationship with a Cuckold & which was amazing. The cuck would love to eat her creampies that other men left inside her.

New swingers seasoned lifestylers can all learn from h...

Mark as Played
This is another episode in our series "Confessions from the Swingers Next Door." We interview a married couple that works in law enforcement. Myra & Auggie opened up their marriage after 15 years & they're having a blast in the lifestyle. Listen to the initial experiences that led them to become swingers.

They also share how they started playing separately because a solid four-way connection was difficult to find with other c...
Mark as Played
In today's episode we cover another part of our series on "Swinger Fundamentals," & it's all about improving the pictures on your swinger dating profiles so you can get more dates and have more sexy fun. We look at profiles daily and many of your picture arrays desperately need some help. In fact, we know some of you to be good sexy people in person, but your profile is telling another story and repelling people. So you are no...
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Episode 49 is an interview with the hosts of "The Torrid Souls Podcast" the show is hosted by two women from Canada. They are bisexual & married to each other. They consider themselves to be Lesbian but generally like to bring in a single male or a bull to join them in their bedroom. They have a unique perspective on the swinging lifestyle and we can all learn from them.

They joined us at our podcasting studio in Los Angeles & we ...

Mark as Played

Episode 48 is part our the series of "Swinger Fundamentals." Today we cover joining a Swinger Dating Website so that you can meet sexually open-minded people. You want to fish in an area with lots of action.

Many of you are tiptoeing around in chat rooms, online message boards, & apps meant for singles looking for monogamous relationships. Some of you are making the mistake of going to bars trying to convert regular people into yo...

Mark as Played

In Episode 47, we interview a Horny Pastor & his Naughty Wife. Ryan & Lynn were raised in the church & now run a ministry. They are Christian Swingers that have also opened up their marriage to include naked play with other people. We ask them how they reconcile their emotions based on the teachings of the bible. They reveal details of a full wife swap & some issues that came up for them. They share how they cope with religious gui...

Mark as Played

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