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The Sales Podcast

Unscripted, real, transparent interviews from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, to help you master inbound marketing and make more sales that close faster, easier, at higher margin, with less stress and more fun. Wes is a Sales Trainer, Air Force Veteran, Copywriter, Successful Entrepreneur, Husband of 23 years, Father of 7, Author of two books, Keynote Speaker, Golfer, Whiskey-Drinker, Humorist. Join us at for recaps of every interview along with valuable resources for aspiring Entrepreneurs and Sales People. is where Professional Sales People come to grow.... Show More
September 11, 2020 58 min

  • Make it easy for your buyers to buy
  • "Don't start a CRM company. The ocean always needs boiling."
  • What feature do you not need?
  • Salesforce won't let you delete more than one opportunity at a time
  • Most customers don't know what their own problems are
  • Salespeople can't follow a process
  • Salesforce is the safe decision but the worst, usually
  • "Let me guess. Is this one of your problems?
  • Find the root cause of the customer's problem."
  • If they say what they want they don't want to listen
  • Prospects who don't listen just want a quote
  • Acknowledge they are experts in their own businesses
  • "What risks are you worried about?"
  • Lead with examples. Show them you have experience and expertise in their space.
  • "I've read a lot about your company and your situation, is this your problem?"
  • A well-educated guess will get you a long way down the sales process
  • Personal rapport goes a long way...but it only goes so far
  • Check in with the customer and ask them what they need to buy
  • Stop focusing 100% on your sales process and checkboxes
  • Make it easy for them to look good in their own organization
  • Your internal champion is putting their neck on the line
  • Provide them cover
  • Ask them...
  • When was the last time you signed a PO of this size?"
  • Real decision makers say "I bring in my team and bounce ideas off them."
  • Share your plan with your prospect once you know what's going on and they are qualified
  • Reduce their risk
  • Have a good sales cadence merged with your sales engagement and CRM and challenge them on their current mode of business
  • Show them they are horribly wrong
  • "When was the last time your sales rep said 'Guaranteed closed by the end of the month.'?"
  • "I bet you're missing your forecasts...and I know why."
  • You know the underlying of their pain
  • Use a multi-media, multi-step engagement plan to touch on multiple points over time until you find the hot button
  • Focus on the process before login
  • Have dates on milestones
  • AEs vs. SDR quota
  • "No buyer ever argued with clear expectations."
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  • We can't delete fast enough
  • Emails are horrible
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Have the desire to be just a little bit better
  • Your CRM spitting out form emails won't save you
  • Authenticity goes a long way
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