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Unscripted, real, transparent interviews from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, to help you master inbound marketing and make more sales that close faster, easier, at higher margin, with less stress and more fun. Wes is a Sales Trainer, Air Force Veteran, Copywriter, Successful Entrepreneur, Husband of 23 years, Father of 7, Author of two books, Keynote Speaker, Golfer, Whiskey-Drinker, Humorist. Join us at for recaps of every interview along with valuable resources for aspiring Entrepreneurs and Sales People. is where Professional Sales People come to grow.... Show More
September 23, 2020 64 min

  • Been to 80 countries
  • The difference between success and failure is asking
  • Three ways
  • Ask yourself
  • Ask others
  • Ask God
  • 7 Roadblocks to Asking
  • The results are worth it
  • Become a Master Asker
  • Kids are natural asker. They are inquisitive.
  • He was a Boy Scout and sold greeting cards on consignment
  • His mother was a great salesman and story-teller
  • "I'm earning my bicycle. Would you like to invest in one box or two?"
  • Save Yourself Time Energy and Money: SYSTEM
  • Licensing
  • He's a big reader
  • An entrepreneur is a problem-solver for a profit."
  • He's a systems guy
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Natural power series
  • How he sold more books than anyone alive
  • He adds value every time
  • Support our LEO and military
  • $157 million in dog food sales
  • Purina and Jay Leno
  • Everybody should have a lot to do
  • Be busy
  • Wrote 309 books
  • Every book should help sell every other book
  • Have high, lofty, and inspiring goals
  • Roger Banister and the 4-minute mile
  • Goals are set to be broken
  • You need a net worth of a minimum of $10 million to be in the game
  • The food chain example: B2B isn't working like it was so he's going B2C
  • Joe and Ivy Keoli
  • $100k salesperson isn't enough
  • 40% taxes
  • Car payment
  • Etc.
  • "Can I make $1 million in this company?"
  • Entrepreneur/Chiropractor bringing home $250k
  • He interviewed the top chiropractors in the country
  • Dr. Dennis Nicatow in Denver was doing over $1 million
  • He just carried a rubber band
  • Schedule a mobile blood bank in front of your shop and give a free adjustment
  • He and Jack were out $180k each when they wrote "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and had to wait 18 months
  • Was broke twice in his life, once over $2 million
  • His agent fired him
  • He and Jack were rejected 144 times
  • Go give blood, especially if you beat COVID=19
  • An entrepreneur is a problem-solver for a profit
  • Overcome your sense of self-worth
  • Overcome your sense of fear
  • Overcome your sense of disconnection
  • We're worthy of great success
  • "Excusology"
  • Afraid to ask
  • You have 100% permission to ask
  • Serve greatly by selling greatly
  • You have to ask a lot of people to get started like the parable of the seed falling on good and bad ground
  • You gotta take massive action to have massive success
  • Know when you are most productive
  • Pick the days to clean up all the messes and finish the garbage work
  • What are your free days? You need at least one day of no working. (Sunday usually)
  • Green days are your money-making days.
  • Batch your efforts, i.e. put your key prospects on a Zoom 
  • Yellow days for mess
  • Purple is God's highest color
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions
  • Trust your gut...and feedback
  • Do you need a publisher or can you self-publish?
  • Once you sell 40,000 copies then go to a publisher to get a great payday
  • How to negotiate from a position of strength
  • How to beat COVID-19
  • Writing the book is only 10% of the effort
  • He writes 100-year goals
  • He believes in BHAGs
  • Wind-charging is his design
  • 1974 he lost it all in the oil embargo and slept on a friend's couch
  • Yin-Yang: Crisis = Opportunity
  • Take off the blinders
  • "Where are my acres of diamonds?"
  • Go deep
  • "God, what's your destiny for me?" Ask 400 times before you go to sleep.
  • Jack called him at 2:38 am in 1989 "Chicken soup...for the soul"
  • The thought command
  • Reorient your mind and give yourself mind commands
  • Jim Collins told him in 1974 how to hit his sales goals
  • Put your goals in writing
  • 3x5 card...sign it...look at it 4x/day
  • The subconscious never sleeps
  • He was a happy salesman and his clients were happy as a result
  • He and Crystal researched for their book, "The Ultimate Gift", Jim Stovall makes books he can't read and movies he can't watch
  • Shut off the negative news and information
  • Elon Musk steps up and starts making ventilators for 3M and made cars at the same time
  • Out-think, out-serve, out-work
  • You are your own competition
  • Be a hero
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