The Unstarving Musician's Podcast

The Unstarving Musician's Podcast

Features conversations for musicians of all types and genres, a curation of expertise intended to help all musicians be better at marketing, business, the creative process and all the other things that empower us to do more of what we love–make music.... Show More

Lindsay White and a musicians community called the Lady Brain Collective are supporting each another through teaching, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We talk about the Lady Brain community, the upcoming Lady Brain Fest, Patreon, gratitude journaling, saying "no," and more.

Episode Highlights

This is a return appearance by Lindsay. We begin by getting an update on her current projects, and go on to discuss:

  • Her Game of Thrones songwriting competition
  • Creating music for the San Diego Women’s March
  • The growth of Lady Brain (the musicians community, events, the festival, etc.)
  • How she balances life and her various projects
  • The performer selection process for Lady Brain Fest
  • Top tips for Patreon and community engagement
  • How she finds time for creativity and self care
  • Details of her work-in-progress book
  • 3 Key Points
  • You can support one another and simultaneously succeed.
  • Find the people who value what you do and invest in that community.
  • The importance of self care and boundaries as an artist.
  • Tweetable Quotes

    “There’s something about sitting in a room and making the time to share space with people who are going through the same kind of things as you are. They have a feel for how overwhelming it can be. There’s something uplifting about that in this world.” –Lindsay White on the Lady Brain membership.

    “The ones that tend to find more success are the ones who are willing and do get out of their comfort zone.”
    –Robonzo on advice from Artist Management Entrepreneur Jason Davis

    “People would be amazed what just asking for support would do.” Jason Davis on artist sponsorship.
    –Robonzo on advice from Artist Management Entrepreneur Jason Davis

    “I’m trying to actively say no to things, even if I want to do them. I have to balance out my schedule and see if things realistically fit.”
    Lindsay White on carving out solid boundaries.

    Mentioned in this Episode
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  • Unstarving Musician Crowd Sponsor
  • Lindsay White Music
  • Lady Brain Presents
  • Lindsay’s Patreon
  • Lady Brain Fest 2019
  • Bandzoogle
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