The Working Actor's Journey

The Working Actor's Journey

In The Working Actor's Journey, hear from amazing teachers, role models, and mentors about their lifelong careers. Learn from those who have been acting professionally for decades—to see exactly how they approach the work, what decisions and resources have made the biggest impacts on their artistic lives, and to hear their struggles and successes in the business. How do great actors work? What do they actually do? Let’s find out. These conversations are a virtual toolbox for actors, full of techniques, advice, and lessons learned.


July 2, 2024 120 mins

In our final week of looking at the scenes of Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the group used "Italian run-thrus" (rapid line delivery) and continued to work on the scenes switching roles. The group discussed the benefits and challenges of role-sharing and switching between the language styles of Shakespeare and Stoppard. During the Q&A, a number of artists mentioned their growth in understanding and portrayal of these charact...

Mark as Played

This week, the actors practiced delivering lines from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" using a technique that involved looking at the camera when speaking and looking at the screen when listening to capture the feeling of direct engagement. Emphasis was placed on understanding the meaning behind the words, which sometimes led to emotional revelations. They worked on specific lines to bring out operative words and discussed the implications o...

Mark as Played

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About the Scene Our group is working on sections of Act 2, Scene 2 and Act 3, Scene 2 from Shakespeare's Hamlet - AND th...

Mark as Played

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About the Scene Our group is working on sections of Act 2, Scene 2 and Act 3, Scene 2 from Shakespeare's Hamlet - AND the...

Mark as Played

The Rehearsal Room has been our successful workshop series beginning in June 2020 - and now it's time for something different!

For the first time, I’ll be releasing the weekly rehearsal sessions on YouTube for ALL to enjoy.

The goal here is to reach more actors, artists, and theatre lovers who would benefit from:

  1. a deeper examination of material
  2. insight into how the collaborative process brings a show to life

I’d love fo...

Mark as Played

Reed Birney played Uncle Vanya at SoHo Rep in 2012 in a translation by Annie Baker, with a cast that also included Michael Shannon. He joined us in December 2021 to discuss the character in depth.

You’ll hear Reed and I talk about:

  • his ideas going into Chekhov
  • what he discovered and connected with about the role
  • trusting the script
  • challenges in the production
  • and playing trapped characters

We also learn lots more about ...

Mark as Played

This is a wonderful follow up to our Chekhov workshop from last episode with an even deeper discussion with the director!

You’ll hear Libby and I talk about what she looks for in auditions, what she expects in rehearsals, her inspirations, what things went well, what scared her, and yes, we have another lighting round!

Libby Appel is the author and translator of Five Chekhov Plays, the former Artistic Director for Oregon Shakespea...

Mark as Played

We have our first workshop scene NOT from Shakespeare, and there’s a great reason! From October 2021, we present a deep dive into the first half of Act 2 from Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya with director Libby Appel - who wrote the translation along with our dramaturg!

Uncle Vanya - excerpt of Act 2

  • DIRECTOR: Libby Appel (Q&A)
  • DRAMATURG: Allison Horsley
  • VOICE: ...
Mark as Played

Geoffrey has played Dogberry twice, at very different times in his life, and finds it's a fascinating character to dissect. He first performed it as a student at Amherst College and then again at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

You’ll hear Geoffrey and I talk about rehearsals, preconceived ideas, and discoveries. How to ground characters that seem eccentric, bizarre or over the top, and how to trust yourself and the script. He’ll...

Mark as Played

We have another “all pro” group—all the actors in the scene are professionals, so the work has been so fun and rich! Our dramaturg Philippa said that she found it so mind-blowingly good how fully the actors and director jumped into this scene, that it’s not something she usually experiences—and I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

In the scene today, Silvius tries in vain to get an answer from Phoebe regarding her love...

Mark as Played

Today’s guest grew up on a tiny island in the Caribbean, studied fashion and dance in New York, often felt like she never had the right background or training, and yet found success in several careers.

Veralyn Jones is an award-winning actress who has been working professionally for over 30 years across theatre, film and TV. She has worked at The Denver Center, South Coast Repertory, Mark Taper Forum, The Kirk Douglas Theatre, and ...

Mark as Played

Today’s guest grew up in the Philippines, fell in love with movies as a kid, found validation through acting, pursued his master’s degree, got fired from a big break, and still has been working for over five decades!

Alberto Isaac has been working for 50+ years across theatre, TV, and film. In addition to regional theatre gigs across the country, he has enjoyed a long association with East West Players, joining them shortly after t...

Mark as Played

Today's guest started in the theatre at a very young agefelt adrift and wasn’t exactly sure what he’d do as a young man, and ended up working for years at some of the best theatres in the country.

Jamie Newcomb has performed in over 60 Shakespeare plays and 75 other productions. He worked for 14 seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is a founding company member of Shakespeare & Company, and was an inaugural company member o...

Mark as Played

Marcelo shares how he approaches a voiceover audition for a video game. We look at what direction and description is initially provided and then how to use your instincts to create your own performance rather than going for an impersonation. You’ll hear the actual audition Marcelo sent in and we also get into dealing with rejection and booking jobs.

Click here for full show notes and links.



Learn about Acting the Role: T...

Mark as Played

Marcelo was born in Argentina, moved to LA at a young age, felt very lost with his career, almost quit after his first TV role, and eventually booked a job that changed his life. Plus, we get a quick look at Marcelo’s process with a voiceover audition for a video game, and you’ll hear what he sent in! It was fascinating to hear about the many ups and downs, and all the relationships, mentors, and teachers who helped him along the w...

Mark as Played

Elizabeth shares her approach to working on Shakespeare, which includes what the number of syllables can tell you, the thought igniter exercise, the first question to ask, and more. Plus we chat about the difference in performing a monologue in an audition vs a show.

Learn more about our April Shakespeare workshop with Randall Duk Kim and Annie Occhiogrosso

Macbeth's dagger speech (Act 2, Sc 1)

Mark as Played

We discuss her very humble beginnings, her dad Brian Dennehy and his career struggles, deciding her family was a priority, working even more when she was pregnant, and helping other actors. Plus, we get another mini-Shakespeare class where Elizabeth dives into a piece from Macbeth! She’s been an audition coach for years, and has also helped many students with their college auditions, so you’ll definitely want to check this out!



Mark as Played
March 1, 2022 3 mins
We're back for Season 5 of The Working Actor's Journey!

We've got five more amazing interviews headed your way over the coming months; you'll hear:

  • coming to America stories
  • the realities and hardships of working in New York and LA
  • and what it's like with parents who were in the biz.

Professional actors speak about feeling adrift, lack of confidence, and full blown-panic attacks. These guests have had the chance to look ...

Mark as Played

For today’s episode, we’re bringing you the second half of the Repertory workshop featuring Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

In the fist scene: Viola (as Cesario), is on her way to see Olivia, and encounters first the Fool Feste and then Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. Olivia, meeting Cesario, sends the others away and declares her love.

Then in our second scene - Malvolio, who (according to the mischievous letter he received) is dressed with ...

Mark as Played

For today’s episode, we’re bringing you the second half of the Repertory workshop featuring Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

The first scene includes almost everyone at Olivia’s house, some great exchanges with the Fool, and then the meeting of Olivia and Viola, who is disguised as Orsino’s servant Cesario. Then the following scene has Orsino with Viola (disguised) who expresses her love for Orsino through a story about “Cesario’s siste...

Mark as Played

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