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October 2, 2023 21 mins

Spending too much money at the gas pump? The issue might be your gas-guzzling vehicle.⛽️👀 

In this episode, automotive experts Glen and Dave dive into the top gas-guzzling vehicles on the market! With gas prices on the rise, you might want to avoid these when shopping for a new car. These automotive experts have industry secrets you won't want to miss on improving the fuel efficiency in your truck or car.

Have you considered buying a Hybrid vehicle to save money at the pump? Glen and Dave give their expert opinion on whether Hybrids truly improve fuel efficiency. 🤔 Interested in learning fuel-efficient ways of driving and how to keep money in your wallet and not the pump? This is the episode for you!

🎧Listen to the full episode for all the tips on maximizing your vehicle's fuel efficiency and which gas-guzzling vehicles to avoid!

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