Winds Of Change

Winds Of Change

The Winds of Change podcast is centered on the people, places, history, and stories of Wyoming. We talk about identity, community, land, change and what it means to thrive in the state. How does someone identify with wide spaces and big personalities in small towns? Listen to folks from across our state share their connection to Wyoming and home. Or others who are pining for opportunities to invite change. And still, there are many voices who welcome the challenge. Making a life here means persistence. Some families have been here for generations and stay true, heads held high, through the blustery winters. Others are newcomers making sense of the unfamiliar winds the world continually blows in.


May 16, 2024 42 mins

"Our history is for our future." - Jackie Dorothy


"Everyone has a story. You just sometimes have to dig to find the interesting nuggets." - Jackie Dorothy 


Hey there, history enthusiasts! Get ready to enjoy the unexpected twists and turns of outlaw history and family legends. Join me as we discover the world of outlaws, hidden histories and legends. We're not just talking about the notorio...

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My focus is always on my readers and the people who are impacted by not having those stories. So it's young folks and it's folks who are trans and queer and who are, you know, marginalized or brown, black, Bipoc. - Aiden Thomas

My special guest is Aiden Thomas

Aiden Thomas is a New York Times bestselling author and a prominent figure in young adult literature. Their expertise lies in crafting ...

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I really long to, through my work, develop the sense that culture is everywhere. And you get to celebrate yourself through art and your people through art and your place through art. And that is what it's all about. You don't have to go somewhere else for that. It's already here. It's already with us. - Grace Cannon

Are you intrigued by the impact of cowboy culture and the Wyoming identity? Do you embrace ...

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Our mission is to cultivate a rich educational space for the diverse international community served by and rooted in the American western legacy of Cheyenne Frontier Days. - Morgan Marks

Just because you aren't the president of the United States or not someone important in the state doesn't mean your history isn't important. It built this state, it built this community, and it's a legacy for the rest of th...

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The Constant Force of Change in the Cowboy State

“The economic profile of Wyoming will change like everything else in the state has changed, and it will not be because of things we have done as Wyomingites. The economic life of Wyoming will change because of the marketplace, because of risk cap being put to work in Wyoming and returning a reward.” - Rod Miller 

Hey, Wyoming residents! Ever won...

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When species are in decline, there's a reason they're in decline. And sometimes it's not human cause, sometimes it's another cause. And through our films, if we can inspire people to care or maybe take a look at this a little different, we can save many species, even our own. - David Rohm 

In this episode of Winds of Change, filmmaker David Rohm provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by golde...

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"Archaeology is just one avenue of trying to understand the human experience and finding out how we are alike, in what ways we are different. It's a real intellectual challenge, and that challenge is something I really enjoy engaging in." - Bruce Bradley

Have you ever wondered about the hidden stories buried beneath the surface? The ancient mysteries waiting to be uncovered? Well, in our latest episode of ...

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"Theater is not just about making fun things with like-minded people; it's about challenging ourselves to witness other perspectives and celebrate the shared qualities of humanity." - Anne Mason

Discover the power of theater to ignite dialogue and inspire change! In this episode of Winds of Change, hosted by Emy DiGrappa, you'll get to hear from Anne Mason, the producing artistic director of Relative Theat...

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“The whole idea of orchestral music being something that people come back to time and again to become enriched and inspired and entertained.” -William Intriligator

In the world of music, a symphony orchestra holds the power to transport us to extraordinary realms of emotion and wonder. But what if I told you that behind the captivating melodies and harmonies lies an unexpected twist that forever changed th...

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Have you heard these common myths about the importance of downtowns and cultural centers in community preservation? Myth #1: Downtown revitalization is only for big cities. Myth #2: Cultural centers are just for entertainment and not essential for the community. Myth #3: Investing in downtown revitalization is a waste of resources. In this episode, our guest Chad Banks sheds light on the significance of downtowns and c...

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“If you're going to do a kid’s podcast, you have to have kids voices on the show. It can't just be grown-ups talking at the kids.” - Jeff Lockwood

Step into the enchanting world of Willow Belden and Jeff Lockwood, where a labor of love and journey unfolded, weaving together the threads of creativity, perseverance, and dedication. At first, their vision to create a children's podcast seemed like an exciting...

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We were modeling appropriate ecotourism and making sure that the monies generated hired local people, bought local products, and stayed in local hotels, all to keep the money in Wyoming.’ - Tom Segerstrom

Tom Segerstrom had a lifelong desire to forge a bond between man and wildlife. Born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, an early obsession with wildlife led him to major in Montana State University...

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“Moving to Colorado was like coming home to a place I'd never been before.” - Kevin Taylor

Join host Emy diGrappa and co host Lucas Fralick and Chloe Flagg as they delve into the world of ecotourism and wildlife conservation with Kevin Taylor, a passionate guide at Teton Science Schools. Discover the fascinating intelligence of animals and their surprising use of humans for protection, while exploring the ...

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Do you want to stay ahead in the digital age and ensure your museum thrives? Are you looking for ways to adapt and embrace the opportunities of the digital landscape? Join us as Valerie Innella Maiers and John Woodward share their insights on how museums can evolve their role in the digital age. Discover the solution they will be presenting, which will enable you to achieve the desired outcome of adapting and t...

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Three women set out on a 30-day journey through Wyoming to explore the world of wild mustangs. What started as a simple curiosity transformed into an educational quest that left them awed and challenged. But that wasn't the only twist in their story. As they rode through the rugged terrain, they encountered a situation that...

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It was a pleasure to talk with fellow podcaster Dean Petersen. His love for history and storytelling is truly apparent.  I hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks Dean!

About Dean:

Dean Petersen's fascination with history and stories started at an early age with his love of documentaries and making horror movies in his backyard. After completing a BA in film studies in 2004, he took his passion fo...

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June 1, 2023 35 mins

"The harsh reality is ecosystems are a delicate balance of each species coexisting together in the environment. There is a limited amount of resources in grass and water. And the wild horses are a very dominant species. They're smart. They're fast. They eat a lot of food. And they need to be properly managed." -Jess Oldham


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The Community of Rodeo:

The world of rodeo and word “community” go hand-in-hand. With roots dating back to America’s agricultural and ranching past, rodeo has continued to pave-the-way for the preservation and protection of a lifestyle that is still relevant in our modern world. While modern advancements have changed the course of America’s Western Heritage, the love for this lifestyle continues to thrive ...

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"Well, I think people process grief in different ways. Some people are in denial about it. Some people are angry about it. Some people are constantly sad about it. But eventually some people accept it and they know they have to move on with their lives. And I think for them, this is a way for them to not only honor their family who passed on that way, but also to gain closure for themselves." -Jordan Dresser

Read more

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“So what was being looked at in Indian country was that these mostly young women and girls were disappearing from their community for a period of time and sometimes turning up deceased with no known explanation.” -Cara Chambers

The Wyoming Division of Victims of Crime

“Speaking as one voice for victims of crime.”

The mission of DVS is to cultivate social change and access to victi...

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