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10 Minute Marketing

In this podcast, we're peeking behind the curtains of several businesses to learn more about these entrepreneurs and how they've approached marketing to grow or scale their businesses!


April 3, 2024 22 mins

Step into a world where gratitude is the cornerstone of a life well-lived and genuine connections are just a click away.

In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing, founder of The Human Experience Experiment, Kyion Isaac, describes how she channeled her own experiences of loss into the creation of T.H.E.E. -- a platform that encourages gratitude and human connection to nurture personal growth. Sonja and Kyion discuss the heart...

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Whether you're a one-person show or leading a team, this episode is all about taking your brand one step closer to cultivating an engaging and thriving online community.

Sonja Crystal Williams, host of 10 Minute Marketing, discusses concepts around engaging with and building online communities from the past several podcast episodes and discusses the importance of approaching your development of an online community wit...

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It's a reality that many professionals will face when it comes to online marketing: the desire to engage more with their audience by building a group but not having the tools, skills, or knowledge on how to do it.

In today's episode of 10 Minute Marketing, Veronica Broomes shares her story of taking on the challenge to build a Facebook Group from scratch, starting with 50 members and growing to 600+ today.

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How did Kelly Leardon achieve a $28k product launch on only pure organic growth?

This week on 10 Minute Marketing, Sonja Crystal Williams and Walk Like Warriors founder Kelly Leardon dive into the strategies that transcended Kelly's modest Instagram following and lack of any advertising. Her launch experience is not just about business success; it's a masterclass in recognizing and harnessing your unique value, y...

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What is the defining difference between audience and community?

In this episode of 10 Minute Marketing, Sonja dives into the distinction between audience and community along with the entrepreneurial spirit behind the Create Your Purpose® Collective, Quinn Tempest.

Quinn is a business and marketing strategist with over a decade of experience. She now helps clients transform their purpose into profit and cultivates ...

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Today's guest said it best himself: "You can watch thousands of millions of hours yoga and Pilates classes on YouTube, but you can't watch a class on community."

Sonja Crystal Williams sits down to talk about the inception, growth, and community-building of M3 Yoga & Hot Pilates studio with its co-owner Matt Chambers!

In this episode, Matt and Sonja discuss how he's cultivated a vibran...

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In this episode, Sonja shares several key insights around a vital area that every brand should focus on: Building and engaging with communities. Whether your brand's audience or community is online or in the "real" world, building a community will transform the way you interact with your audience. 

Sonja discusses the resources and tools that small businesses and popular brands use to engage their communitie...

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When someone hands you their business card, do you just add it to your Rolodex or are you actually building on that new connection?

In this episode, Sonja Crystal Williams sits down with logistics virtuoso and founder of Zip Ship Inc., SirDarryl Roundtree. From a humble beginning in his home to a bustling warehouse hub, SirDarryl reveals how nurturing relationships has propelled his entrepreneurial journey and grown his bu...

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Unlock the untapped potential of your LinkedIn profile with Sonja Crystal Williams as she shares a decade's worth of insider tips and personal success stories to elevate your professional image! 

If you've ever wondered how to turn your LinkedIn presence into a magnet for job offers, connections, and business growth, here is your golden ticket. With a focus on authenticity and strategic engagement, she peels back...

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If you could come up with one guiding word or phrase for 2024, what would it be?
In this episode, Sonja Crystal Williams shares how her own focus on the word "space" is shifting how she approaches life and work, and how your guiding word might inspire you to forge an exceptional year.

As the new year has arrived, Sonja shares how she has been decluttering her home. But her decluttering hasn't been just a...

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What are the four key components of a balanced business life according to an international award-winning business consultant?

That's exactly what today's 10 Minute Marketing explores. Sonja Crystal Williams delves into this answer with Angela Henderson, known for her unique, holistic approach to coaching women entrepreneurs. Angela emphasizes the need to address not just business strategy but overall life balanc...

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In this Coaching Call style 10 Minute Marketing episode, I’m thrilled to sit down with Akil Sherman, owner of Akil Sherman Online Training & Coaching. With over two decades as a Certified Personal Trainer and experience in corporate wellness, Akil now offers online fitness coaching to those seeking ways to lose fat and get healthy. 

In this episode, we talk about Akil's journey and finding his target audiences in both a pre...

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Content creation: a tug-of-war between quality and quantity. Where should you be investing your time and efforts?

In our final installment of this three-part series, we're diving deeper into the cause for quality and dissecting why leading brands pour resources into crafting research-driven, high-value content. This includes swaying user trust, boosting engagement, and bolstering your brand reputation.


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In Part 2 of this series on Content Creation: Quality vs Quantity, Sonja continues to navigate this debate, providing insights on why some brands need to consider Content Quantity as an approach to their overall content marketing strategy.

Sonja kicks off with a compelling study from Semrush, revealing a surprising connection between content quantity and improved website rankings. This data-driven argument makes a strong case for co...

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What if you were posting content too often or maybe not enough and didn't even realize it? What would it mean for your brand's visibility and reach? In this episode, Sonja guides you through the twisty maze of content creation strategies, focusing on the controversial debate of content quality versus quantity. We take a look at the pros and cons of one technique versus the other.

Later in the episode, Sonja share...

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Ever dreamed of scaling your business with ease and confidence?

Today, 10 Minute Marketing shares the microphone with Dallas Travers, podcaster and founder of The Hive, a mastermind in attracting paying clients, building lists, and expanding businesses through courses. She's opening up about her unique Ripple Effect System - a step-by-step process that layers business growth, starting with private clients. Dallas emph...

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In this episode, Sonja reveals the power-packed potential of ads on Facebook and Instagram for your brand and how new advertisers should approach the technical and creative set up. 

With the world of social media changing the game for branding, Facebook and Instagram ads have become the new go-to strategy. But, should you be running ads on both of these platforms? Sonja walks through the common hiccups and provides a guide...

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Ever wondered how passion can turn into a successful business venture? Today's guest, Stephanie Lichtenstein, founder of Micro Media Marketing, lets you in on her fourteen-year journey filled with growth, opportunities, challenges, and triumphs.

With the same exuberance that made her take her first steps into the digital marketing scene over a decade ago, Stephanie recounts her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. From ...

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In this Coaching Call style 10 Minute Marketing episode, Sonja Crystal Williams sits down with Cloe Guidry-Reed, who has journeyed from being a risk management consultant to a tech entrepreneur as the CEO of Hire Ground — a SaaS platform that connects diverse suppliers and enterprise buyers.  

Throughout the episode, they outline the trajectory of Hire Ground's growth and Sonja underlines the significance of personal ...

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Shifting from being on the verge of burnout to launching her own successful operations team and business, Lenica Stephen, the Founder and CEO of IBOSS, shares her inspiring journey from leaving the comforts of a corporate career to stepping into the challenging world of entrepreneurship!

With her work at IBOSS, Lenica offers a unique perspective on how operations serve as the critical backbone of businesses. She also walks...

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