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February 3, 2024 13 mins

If you could come up with one guiding word or phrase for 2024, what would it be?
In this episode, Sonja Crystal Williams shares how her own focus on the word "space" is shifting how she approaches life and work, and how your guiding word might inspire you to forge an exceptional year.

As the new year has arrived, Sonja shares how she has been decluttering her home. But her decluttering hasn't been just about a simple spring cleaning; it's been about making room for growth, success, and leading with a clear mind.

Sonja shares has she has tackled both cluttered cupboards and a cluttered mindset, discovering along the way how this process of decluttering is crucial for personal and business development. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the power of creating space—both in our environments and in our minds—and how this simple yet profound act can lead us to a path of greater achievements.

Together, we'll explore the importance of intention-setting as we navigate the year ahead. We'll also talk about aligning our actions with our mindset to turn aspirations into realities.

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or a professional climbing the career ladder, this episode is packed with insights on preparing for and seizing the opportunities that this year has to offer.

Preparation for your brand includes starting with conducting an audit of your visual brand messaging with some help from our free Social Media Planner

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Sonja Crystal Williams (00:13):
Hi everyone, I'm Sonja Crystal
Williams, your host of the 10Minute Marketing podcast, so
We are in our third season,happy to be here, and we are
kicking off into a new year, andI don't know about you, but
this year is flying by already,not going slow.

Lots going on, lots to do, andI have personally launched into
this year, I would say, in a bitof a physical and mental
decluttery, right.
Like I had a lot going on in2023 and it was a great year.
It was a great year and Icapped the year attending a

weekly -- well, actuallybi-weekly, it was bi-weekly
meaning twice a week -- twice aweek a coaching series led by a
friend of mine that I wasinvited to attend.
And that really got me thinkinga lot about habits and
behaviors and things like that,areas that we all tend to and

want to focus on, and I spent alot of time reflecting toward
the end of the year and all theway into silence and rest at the
start of 2024.
The result of that has been aphysical purge.
I've been getting rid of stuffin my house, clearing drawers,
clearing cabinets, going throughclothes, completely getting rid
of clothes that I don't wearthat have been in my closet and

letting go of the idea that, oh,but I might put it back on.
I probably won't, so I'mletting it go, and that's what
the start of 2024 has lookedlike for me.
Now, why is that important?
Because for me, as a businessowner, that physical, the
removal of some of thosephysical items is representation

of the creation of space andcoming into the year with the
idea or the thought process thatthere needs to be space
available for me to grow andmanifest the things that I want
to manifest in my business.
So today's episode, I want towalk through a couple of things.

One, just general stuff wethink about as a business owner,
and then what that looks likewhen we stream that into how we
need to approach things in termsof our online presence.
Each year, for myself, I try tocome up with a word that
represents what that year isgoing to be about for me, and I

think I've come into this yearwith the word "space.
Last year, my word was listen,and I can't remember what it was
the year before that.
Ok, but I want to challenge youto ask yourself that same
question what is your word?
Maybe it's a phrase for you,but I try to do it as a word.
What is your word or yourphrase for 2024?

What is that thing for you?
And I want you to think aboutthat, like, really well, I'm
laughing at my notes herebecause I took some good notes
just on things and thoughts andthat whatever that word is sets
the tone for where you might begoing throughout the entire year
Because if you set that wordand you take it in

subconsciously, consciously, youfeel it, you breathe it, you
become it.
Right, then you are going tohave the most phenomenal year,
if that is what you are hopingfor.
So I am wishing that upon youand hoping that you have a good
word to describe and manifestexactly what you want for
Now let's get down to ourbusinesses.

Ok, because we have to be inthe right mind state to manifest
things in our business, andthen we have to physically do
the work as well to putourselves in a position to take
advantage of those things asthey come to us.
Right, you know what's thatsaying.
You know that there'spreparation.
You know there's no such thingas luck.
Right, there's just preparationand opportunity at an

intersection together.
Right, something like that.
That's how the saying goes.
So now you need to prepareyourself for the opportunities
that lie ahead the rest of thisyear.
When we think about ourbusinesses at the end of last
year, that, ideally, is the besttime to be planning and

thinking ahead about what youwant your 2024 to look like,
whether that's in your career,if you're a working professional
, whether that's in yourbusiness, if you're a business
owner, right, you need to bethinking about those things.
And if you're a, even in yourcareer, if you're a working
professional, planning ahead,for you know whatever is going
to be happening within yourdepartment, even for the work

that you do.
But reality is that doesn'talways happen, right?
Or we plan to a degree and thenwe get into 2024 and we still
need to think about what we'regoing to do.
Okay, as it relates to youronline presence, I want to
encourage you to start your yearwith an audit.
Okay, do an audit.

And here's a little catch okay: don't just do the audit by (05:26):
Recruit someone to help youthat has an outside perspective,
maybe even slightly oppositeyour own of your business.
Now, to some degree, maybe youmight want to have two people,
in fact someone who has aslightly different view or take,

and then someone who may alignwith who your ideal audience is.
Then yourself, okay, becausewhen you do this audit, the idea
behind doing that audit is tolook at what's going on in your
business from a bird's eye view.
That bird's eye view should belooking at all of your major

Look at your Facebook account,look at your Instagram account,
your LinkedIn, your Pinterest,whatever social media channels
you're on.
That's a decent starting point.
Your website really is thefoundation, so that also might
be your starting point.
Do those channels align witheach other?
Might be one question that youneed to ask.

Do these channels align asyou're looking at?
Do they align?
Are they branded well?
Does each channel represent mycolor scheme from a visual
branding standpoint?
Are we using the same group offonts and colors and similar

designs across these differentchannels?
Ask yourself these questionsright now, when you're in the
audit phase.
This is nothing more than anevaluation.
You're not attempting to solvethe problem yet.
You are just asking thequestions that need to be asked
to evaluate those two peoplethat might be helping you out.

They should be able to lookacross all those channels.
What, looking through maybeyour past 15 or 20 posts on
whatever social media channelsseem to serve you the best.
Does that align?
Does it align with your offers?
Does it align with your messageand what you're trying to
communicate with people?
That's really important.

Do that?
That's homework.
Other part of your homework asyou continue to audit we said
websites, we said social mediachannels you also need to be
auditing your email campaign.
If you're running ads, audityour ads, even if your website
audit your SEO.

How do you rank in terms ofkeywords and things like that?
Do people fill out forms to getin touch with you?
Are they buying things on yourwebsite?
These are things you need to beasking yourself.
Then, even on your website andon your social media.
We talked about the visualbrand, but then there's the
brand that's not so visual,which is again your tone, your

voice, your message, how youcommunicate with people.
Is it time to refresh thesethings?
Do I need to hire a copywriterto revamp my message?
Do people understand, when theyland on my website, what I do?
If they clicked on any one ofmy social media posts, do they
have a feel for who I am andwhat I do?
When I say that, I meaning anentity, your brand, your

organization or the one that yourepresent.
Think about those things.
Then, after you do the auditand here's what I encourage

people to do (08:51):
do your audit on a spreadsheet.
One column might be listing outall those things.
You find that maybe we could bedoing this a little better.
There's always opportunity forimprovement, I promise you.
Even if you have the mostamazing business, there's
something you're going to findwhen you do that audit or when
the other two do the audit onyour behalf.

Then you might have anothercolumn, a step two, where you do
begin to problem- solve.
Okay, I just noticed that on myInstagram account, we're
releasing images using fourdifferent fonts and the red that
we use in Instagram is not thered in our logo, so it's not

cohesive from website toInstagram and Instagram to
LinkedIn, right?
So how do you change that?
And that might need to be inyour solutions column.
Now I'm gonna stop there onjust how you do the audit and
leave you with check out thelink in this podcast, because I
do have lots of articles as wellas a guide to how you can audit

Okay, and then, once you audit,you need to move into planning.
Okay, and I also have a linkI'll drop for a planner as well.
And when you are planning okay,planning phase you need to be
walking through each network andreally thinking about month by
month, or maybe it's even weekby week.

For you, it just depends onyour organization.
But think about, if I were tolook ahead throughout the whole
year, kind of promotions am Igonna be running?
And if it's not, promotionsdoesn't have to necessarily mean
discount, okay.
So a lot of people think thatwhen we're talking about this
from a business standpoint,we're just talking broadly about
you need to have an offer andthat offer could just be a free

guide okay, it could be adiscount.
It could be a new group thatyou're launching, a new Facebook
page, a new Facebook group, aprivate podcast.
Think about what are the thingsthat are achievable for me and
or my team to launch in 2024 anduse that planner to map out

what those offers are.
And if you wanna get real fancy, set some goals attached to
those offers.
I'm rolling out this new leadmagnet, this new e-book.
How many emails do I wanna getif I'm using that to grow my
email list?
I'm launching a new audiosummit.
How many emails am I gonna getfrom that summit?

And try to think of a goalthat's achievable for you and
then measure the success.
Measure the success, use thatsame planner just to kind of map
the success so that, month bymonth, you have a page turner or
it might be on your computer aguide to really take you through
what that success can look likefor you.
All right, so the guide thatI'm gonna drop, I'm gonna drop a

link, and the one that I'mgonna drop is gonna be a freebie
, but it's only free to alimited number of people and
I'll still have it availableafter that, but it might not be
All right, so make sure youcheck that out.
All right, so you audit andthen you come up with whatever
that plan is gonna be.
The end with having a plan inplace where you again are

tracking month over month.
Am I successfully moving alongwith whatever the goal is?
And hopefully, as you aremoving along and as you are
planning, it's in alignment withyour word of the year.
All right, all right.
So that's all I got for youtoday.
Thank you so much for listening.
Remember, do your assignment.

I would love to hear from you.
Drop me a DM.
Let me know how it's goingalong.
Are you doing an audit?
What kind of things made yousay huh, or I never thought
about that before.
When you really go through andtake that bird's eye view of
your business's online brand andpresence and start thinking
about that, and when you do lookand again you start coming up

with the solutions, don't thinkthat you have to do it all alone
Find the right people and theright teams who support you
through the process so you canmake it happen for yourself and
so that your business cancontinue to hopefully impact the
lives of the people you serve.
All right, I'm Sonja CrystalWilliams.
Thanks again for listening.

Until next time she got meucheck it out, slow down.
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