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November 1, 2023 15 mins

In Part 2 of this series on Content Creation: Quality vs Quantity, Sonja continues to navigate this debate, providing insights on why some brands need to consider Content Quantity as an approach to their overall content marketing strategy.

Sonja kicks off with a compelling study from Semrush, revealing a surprising connection between content quantity and improved website rankings. This data-driven argument makes a strong case for considering content quantity as a viable strategy for brand growth.

However, she emphasizes that a high-volume content approach is not without its challenges, requiring unwavering consistency, an in-depth understanding of your audience, and effective content production at scale. By auditing past content and smart budget planning, you can leverage a well-executed high-volume content strategy to significantly enhance your brand's visibility and growth.

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Sonja Crystal Williams (00:12):
Hi everyone.
Welcome to today's episode of10 Minute Marketing.
I'm your host, Sonja CrystalWilliams.
All right, so we are in parttwo of our three-part series
around content creation qualityversus quantity and today I want
to talk in more detail in ourpart two segment about content

Okay, so make sure to take amoment.
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Make sure you take a moment todo that and let's roll in.
So question for you.
I want you to ask yourself inour organization or if you're

branding for yourself with mypersonal brand, do we or do I
post content too often?
Do I post too often to mysocial media channels?
Do I post too often blogupdates on my website?

What's too often?
You know what too often is.
You know what it is.
Your meter is what you think.
Your meter is based on, whatyou see when you engage.
Okay, if you ask yourself thatquestion, if you look at your
Instagram account and you say dowe post too often on Instagram?
What's too much?
You know what too much is basedon when you're overwhelmed by

seeing the same content from thesame brand over and over and
over again Is once a day toomuch?
Probably not.
Is twice a day?
Maybe not Right, but it alsodepends on where you're posting
On a network like Instagram, isit in the feed?
Is it in stories?
I always say, in stories, gocrazy, right.

So it just depends on whereyou're posting content.
But the main questions you'reasking yourself is am I doing it
too much?
And if your answer, if youcould answer really fast and say
no, and then you start thinkingabout it and you're like, well,
maybe we don't post enough atall, then listen closer to this

Let me give you some reasons,some compelling reasons, why, as
you look ahead to next year andyou're planning your content
creation strategy out and you'rethinking about how are we going
to market this content?
How do we do it?
Should we be doing it?
Should we be positioningourselves to do more?
Listen to today's episode.
Now in episode one, if youlisten to episode one, I gave

everybody a little homeworkassignment.
Okay, nothing too complicatedto do, just a little challenge
for yourself.
And if you listen to thatepisode, hopefully you did it.
If not, the quick summary ofwhat I recommend that you do is
go back through your most recentor maybe your top social media
posts per network.
Go back through your blog postson your website and give

yourself a ranking one to 10 interms of is this quantity, was
it high or was it low?
Give yourself a ranking One islike low, we didn't do enough,
10 is like yeah, we did, andrank it per network or per
So do that step, first foryourself and then, assuming
maybe you recognize that wedidn't do enough in the realm of

quantity, let me give you somemore compelling reasons why
quantity makes sense.
Now remember, in this episode orthis series, we're actually
doing a little debate here.
Should you be doing morequality or more quantity?
So today I'm making theargument for content quantity
and why you need to ratchet itup.

So answer those questions foryourself.
Do we post too often?
Are we doing too much?
Are we not doing enough to yourranking?
Figure that out now.
Four reasons recap why contentquality so useful.
It's gonna give you morevisibility, more consistency.
Social media networks love this.
I referenced Instagramreleasing in 2022 and their

algorithm guide straight fromthe horse's mouth that they
reward accounts and show poststo more followers when you
publish content moreconsistently, and content in the
Instagram world or across thesesocial media channels is the
text you write in a post.
Sometimes it's the graphic, thephoto, the video.

It looks different, right?
Content takes on many differentforms.
So you also need to think aboutif I am gonna produce more,
higher quantity of content, whatcan I produce effectively in
big numbers or like in bulk?
You need to be thinking aboutwhat can I produce in bulk?
If it's video, maybe you're notdoing hour long videos in bulk,

but you could do 15 secondvideos in bulk.
You could do 30 second videosin bulk.
If it's graphics, maybe you gota designer.
You give them a series ofimages to create.
Go on Fiverr, you go on Upwork,you find a freelancer who can
do that for you.
If you got somebody in-house,even better.
But give them a really clearassignment and give them again a

way to create it in bulk, right, not just a one-time thing.
Get them to package it for you.
That way you can spread outthat content and give yourself
more leverage for your quantitythat you're trying to create.
That's gonna give you theability to publish it on a
consistent schedule.
Okay, we don't wanna be all overthe place when we're going for

quantity as our strategy, at thevery least we need to post
daily, okay.
That keeps us visible.
We're always in someone's feed.
That keeps us consistent, okay.
We also need to remember thatquantity often leads to faster
When you post more frequently,over time, you're gonna reach a

wider audience, you're gonnareach more followers.
So that's important as well.
Now, don't get me wrong, y'all,if you're trying to grow your
followers, there's many otherfactors that go into that, but
quantity definitely feeds intoit.
Okay, and, of course, again, wetalked about algorithms More
frequent posts, better chance ofreaching more followers.

So those are some things tothink about.
Now I wanna shift gears and Ialso want to talk about a study
that was published a couple ofyears ago.
This study was published bySimrush.
If you've ever heard of Simrush, they are a tool that you can
use that helps you analyze yourSEO position, search engine

optimization position.
Okay, great tool.
By the way, okay, I'm notendorsing them, I'm not getting
paid, but it is a great tool.
So, on Simrush's blog, theyactually published this article.
Actually, it was published inFebruary 2023.
It was actually earlier thisyear and in their article, they

focused on doing a state ofcontent marketing 2023 global
report, where they looked at thetrends in content marketing.
And for those of you that areleaning toward content quantity
that side of the argument asyour strategy and trying to
really confirm should I be doingit or you're just on the fence,

here are some compellingfactors that came out of that
report, based on the stats thatthey ran.
Okay, so one of the biggestthings they asked in that survey
to this group of contentmarketers was which tactics help
the most to boost your ranking.

Now they're referring towebsite ranking.
Okay, so this would apply ifyou are writing blog posts and
you're trying to make sure youget more visible, which, the
more your blog and website isvisible, the more sales you're
getting, the more inquiriesyou're getting.
Possibly again may help youwith your social media traffic

right, but it helps with yourbottom line which tactics help
the most to boost your ranking,and 55% of the people surveyed
said creating more content andposting more often.
55% of the people surveyed hugeright, so that's huge.

Now, they picked more than oneanswer, but that was the top
answer that they picked when itcame to things they could do to
boost rankings.
Here's the other thing based onthat survey that you really need
to think about.
If you are going to shift intoa content quantity focus as your

strategy, you need to bethinking about again how do I
produce that content in bignumbers?
And you need to be thinkingabout your budget.
What is our budget going tolook like if we are going to up
the ante for what we're doingwhen it comes to our content
Do we need to hire people tofill specific roles?

Do I need an entire contentproduction team?
Do I need an intern?
I'll have some clients andcompanies I work with who are
like well, we're going to hirean intern to help produce our
Yeah, that might be good.
Maybe you need an assistant,maybe you need a videographer,
or maybe you're doing the videoyourself and you need a video

But I would encourage you towrite that down Again.
That is driven by the contentyou're producing.
If I wanted to, I'll use myselfas an example.
If I wanted to up the ante withmy podcast next year and
content quantity was a strategy,I probably need to hire a
podcast producer so I can getmore podcasting done faster,

producing more content that Icould share across my network.
That might be my angle.
If podcasting is of highimportance to me next year, you
need to think about that.
What is of high importance whenyou think about the buckets, of
how you could create lots andlots of content?
Is it we're going to follow inthe video bucket?
We're going to do live videonext year?
Is it podcast or audio content?

Is it more images, moregraphics?
That's the beauty of contentquantity.
If you don't know which ofthose that you should be doing,
the truth is you couldexperiment with it all.
Because you're producing so muchcontent, you have the
opportunity, over a period ofmaybe six or 12 months, to

experiment with various contentformats and strategies to figure
out what exactly is resonatingthe most with your audience.
There's a lot of opportunitiesthere, but that's also what it
goes back to.
As you build that strategy, youdo need to be thinking about
whether or not you know whatalready resonates with your

That's why you need to do thataudit.
First, you need to look back atyour brand and figure that out
Okay, but that's part of thepuzzle in assessing all of that
and then, once you know what thebuckets are that you're going
to focus on whether it's allthose different content buckets
or it's one in particular, thenyou build a budget around it,

So, going back to my example, ifI'm going to focus on
podcasting, if you're apodcaster like me and you say,
all right, I'm going to get thispodcast producer, then you need
to build the budget right.
We got to do the research tofigure out what does that cost?
And are there other thingsbeyond hiring the producer that

I need to anticipate cost for?
What do those look like?
How do I build that in to myoverall budget?
So you really want to thinkabout what that looks like and
that's going to help you makemore informed decisions and
really figuring out if contentquantity is the way you want to

move down.
So I gave you a few examples ofsimple buckets.
There's videos, there's podcastcontent.
Get more creative too.
Think about even thinkingoutside the box.
Do I want to do quizzes?
Do I want to create rulers,calculators, tools, other things
, even from an offer standpointthat gets my audience to opt in?
That could live on my website,live within a blog post.

When I think about social mediacontent, even beyond posts that
go up directly in the feed, canI think about stories and some
of the interactive elements thatgo into stories, like building
those polls, building shortlittle quizzes and other
features that get my audience toengage more, because if I am

going to spend and invest moretime in upping the quantity of
how much content I put out infront of people, then I need to
make sure it's paying off.
I need to be getting theengagement.
So one final thought when itcomes to quantity, and this is a
really good one.
It's one my husband put me onto when he was sharing with me

some insights from Grant Cardone.
If you're not familiar withGrant Cardone, look him up.
Wrote a really great book andone of his strategies that
you'll hear about, that you'llhear Grant Cardone talk about
over and over again, is how youneed to 10X your business, or
you need to 10X your marketingright, and one of his

recommendations techniques,strategies is you need to make
sure that people know who youare.
Okay, don't live in obscurity.
Don't live in a place where noone knows who your brand is.
Step into a space especiallythose of you that are small

business owners and really putyourself out there.
Don't be nervous about it.
Blanket your particular chosensocial media network.
Blanket your website.
Put your message out there.
The more people that know whoyou are, the more stages that
you put yourself on, and thosestages can be the stages you

create for yourself, or contentquantity that you create that
goes on other people's stages.
Get on other people's podcasts.
Collaborate with other people,get your content on their
websites and to their email listright.
The more you do that, thebetter and more powerful your

quest for content quantity willbe okay.
So I'm going to leave you withthat thought, and I want to make
sure to tune in to our nextepisode, where I'm going to talk
about content quality and sharesome arguments why that might
make a lot of sense.
All right, so thanks forlistening.
Hope you all listen next time.

Until then, have a great day.
Thanks everyone.
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