A Few Good Physios

A Few Good Physios

A Few Good Physios podcast is a journey through the physical therapy/strength & conditioning industry, told by the view points of Dr. Eric Munõz and Dr. Leonidas Scantalides. Both are seasoned NYC clinicians with their own practices (Integrated PT_ and On Point Sports Care) specializing in orthopedic outpatient care and strength/conditioning. Episodes range from clinical commentary on various injuries to featured guests, discussing industry trends, new evidence, and popular orthopaedic treatments. Although Dr. Munõz and Dr. Scantalides love all sporting events, they have particular interest in combat sports, as they themselves are competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners in NYC. Listen in as their life experiences echo their martial arts practices! ... Show More

Recorded August 28th, 2018

Graston, Smart tools, foam rolling, skin stretching, the list goes on! So many modalities to treat musculoskeletal injuries, how do they work and what is logic behind them? Find out when Leonidas and Eric dive head first into their experiences with them, research behind the tools, and what the implications are for the PT profession. Where do BPS concepts fit into myofascial release and these modalities?

We break down considerations for various athletes, in terms of strength and conditioning. How does one approach a baseball athlete versus a MMA athlete? Are their needs the same when it comes to athleticism?

Download and enjoy!

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