A Look Into Leadership

A Look Into Leadership

A Look Into Leadership is a podcast that explores the untold stories of business owners and entrepreneurs. Through candid conversations, we uncover the realities of leading a business, from overcoming challenges to celebrating triumphs. This series offers insights and inspiration for anyone interested in the journey of leadership and entrepreneurship. Join us for a deeper understanding of what it takes to steer a venture to success.


June 17, 2024 51 mins

In this episode of "A Look Into Leadership," hosts Eric Howell & Quinn are joined by Chandler from the Facebook Ads Academy to discuss strategies for making $10,000 a month through high-ticket sales.

The conversation covers the importance of overcoming the discomfort of asking for money, the transition from low-ticket to high-ticket offers, and the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, including webinars a...

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In this episode, Eric and Quinn share actionable strategies to achieve $10k in monthly revenue. They debunk the myths of passive income, revealing what truly works in the digital space.

Quinn offers captivating real-life success stories, showcasing how membership models can create a steady stream of income.

The episode also explores the power of personal branding versus faceless content creation, providing invaluable insights for ...

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June 3, 2024 52 mins

In this podcast episode, "Smartest Way to Make $10K in a Month," Quinn Sinclair and Eric Howell share easy-to-follow tips and real-life advice on how to make $10,000 in just one month.

They cover essential topics like effective marketing strategies, building valuable connections, and creating irresistible offers. With a mix of humor and practical advice, they make it simple for anyone to start earning more money quickly.


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In this episode of "A Look Into Leadership," host Quinn Sinclair sits down with personal trainer Paul, who shares his unique journey from childhood inspirations to his current role as a fitness coach and creator of a nonprofit.

Despite missing co-host Eric, Quinn and Paul explore the pivotal moments that shaped Paul's approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Paul discusses his work with diverse clients, his innov...

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In the 21st episode of "A Look Into Leadership," hosts Eric and Quinn celebrate a milestone, noting their entry into the top 1% of podcasters who make it past 20 episodes.

The episode includes live interactions on TikTok, a humorous listener question from a character named "Billy Senior" about lead magnets, and a detailed discussion on effective lead magnet strategies.

The hosts also touch on content creation ...

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In this episode of "A Look into Leadership," hosts Eric & Quinn went live on TikTok with Josh Thompson, an AI expert who juggles a busy life in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Josh shares insights into his journey from IT professional to managing three businesses: an AI learning community, a wedding videography company, and a digital marketing agency.

As a dedicated volunteer coach and family man, Josh discusses the challenge...

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May 13, 2024 45 mins

In this enlightening episode of "A Look into Leadership," hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair explore the realities of the work-from-home lifestyle.

Through engaging stories and practical advice, Eric and Quinn discuss strategies to effectively draw boundaries and cultivate a productive environment at home.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on how to navigate the challenges of remote work while still achieving profe...

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In this episode of 'A Look Into Leadership,' hosts Quinn and Eric talk with Jordan Lawson, a TikTok creator known as the Procrastination Coach, who debunks the "lazy" label while advocating for flexible goals and reward-based motivation.

He emphasizes progress over perfection while sharing practical strategies to transform procrastination into high achievement. By uncovering how subconscious behaviors drive procr...

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May 6, 2024 27 mins

In this engaging podcast episode, Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair discuss key strategies for effectively monetizing online businesses.

They focus on increasing web traffic, prioritizing revenue-generating tasks, and overcoming the hesitation of pricing and requesting payments.

The episode highlights the use of digital marketing tools and social media to streamline content distribution and boost visibility. Packed with actionable t...

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In this episode of "A Look into Leadership," Marianne Suarez-Sabugo shares her entrepreneurial shift from event planning to creating personalized crayons and launching an accountability & productivity program.

She highlights the key role of vulnerability in her journey and offers strategies for efficient time management and community building.

Marianne's insights aim to help entrepreneurs manage their workloads ...

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In this special episode of "Monday Masterclass”, hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair are joined by Jordan Lawson, known as the procrastination coach on TikTok.

He is also Quinn’s coach mentioned in previous episodes. Jordan shares valuable insights into overcoming procrastination through emotional regulation and practical psychology.

The discussion covers psychological biases like negativity and status quo bias, and introdu...

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April 25, 2024 55 mins

In this engaging episode, hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair chat with Chandler Yamane, a seasoned entrepreneur and Facebook ads expert.

Chandler discusses the core principles of sales, emphasizing authenticity and the importance of genuine connections in business.

He shares insights from his journey transitioning from the agency world to solopreneurship, highlighting the value of community and accessible advertising education....

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April 22, 2024 46 mins

In this episode of "A Look Into Leadership," we explore the crucial topic of emotional regulation in business. Hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair delve into personal stories and expert insights to unravel the complexities of managing emotions effectively.

They discuss embarrassing work-related incidents and valuable life lessons that have shaped their approaches to leadership. This Master Class Monday offers both humor...

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In this episode of "A Look into Leadership," hosts Eric and Quinn switch gears from their usual guest features to focus on an introduction to their own stories, providing a personal glimpse into the childhood experiences that propelled them into entrepreneurship and leadership.

This intimate conversation uncovers pivotal moments such as Eric's early ventures into audio and Quinn's adventurous upbringing that enco...

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In the podcast episode of "A Look into Leadership," Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair explore the power of storytelling in wrestling and its applicability to business marketing.

They discuss how engaging narratives can significantly boost audience interest and sustain attention over time. This conversation highlights that storytelling isn't just for entertainment; it's a vital business strategy that can attract and ...

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In this captivating episode of "A Look into Leadership," Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair chat with Kevin Suarez Sabugo, founder of AffordFreeTime.com.

Kevin shares his adventure from relocating from France to Canada, exploring various entrepreneurial endeavors, to focusing on using his 15-year experience in software engineering to assist online business owners.

His goal is simplifying their work through automation, enabl...

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In this Masterclass Monday episode of 'A Look into Leadership,' hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair discuss the essentials of producing meaningful content that resonates deeply with audiences.

Emphasizing the importance of focusing on what the audience truly needs rather than the creator's own objectives, they explore the significance of authenticity and storytelling as pillars of a robust content strategy.

With prac...

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Venture into an unforgettable episode of 'A Look into Leadership' that promises to stir your soul and spark your ambitions. Join Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair as they introduce Melanie Nicole, a resilient Canadian entrepreneur whose journey of heartache and triumph is nothing short of inspiring. Mel's story transitions from profound loss to embracing life's adventures, showing how she turned personal grief into a c...

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In this eye-opening episode of 'A Look into Leadership,' hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair dive deep into what makes a brand truly resonate. They explore beyond the visual elements, discussing how a brand's core promise and its ability to deliver real solutions shape its identity and consumer trust. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the emotional and practical pillars of effective brandin...

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In the engaging episode titled "Microgreens: Boost Health & Your Wealth" from "A Look into Leadership," hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair invite Mike Hicks, also known as Microgreens Mike, to share his compelling journey from overcoming cancer to establishing a successful microgreens business.

The episode delves into the nutritional powerhouse that microgreens are, their role in Mike's health recover...

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