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May 27, 2024 52 mins

In this episode of "A Look Into Leadership," host Quinn Sinclair sits down with personal trainer Paul, who shares his unique journey from childhood inspirations to his current role as a fitness coach and creator of a nonprofit.

Despite missing co-host Eric, Quinn and Paul explore the pivotal moments that shaped Paul's approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Paul discusses his work with diverse clients, his innovative nonprofit "Work Out Help Out," and the significance of faith in his life.

Listeners will gain insights into Paul's philosophy on discipline, client relationships, and the importance of staying uncomfortable to foster growth.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with practical advice and personal stories that highlight the value of perseverance and community involvement.


Check out Work Out Help Out’s website for upcoming events:

If you are wanting to transform your life with personalized fitness guidance with the flexibility of virtual training sessions, you can email him at:

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