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March 28, 2024 31 mins

In the engaging episode titled "Microgreens: Boost Health & Your Wealth" from "A Look into Leadership," hosts Eric Howell and Quinn Sinclair invite Mike Hicks, also known as Microgreens Mike, to share his compelling journey from overcoming cancer to establishing a successful microgreens business.

The episode delves into the nutritional powerhouse that microgreens are, their role in Mike's health recovery, and how this inspired him to start a business that not only champions health but also offers financial empowerment.

With insights into starting and scaling a microgreens business, marketing strategies, and the importance of community and passion in entrepreneurship, this episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and actionable advice for anyone interested in health, wellness, and business success.


- Growth Bites Community on Skool:

 Growth Bites

- Microgreens Business Coaching Community on Skool:

 Microgreens Business Coaching

- Mike’s TikTok for Insights and Inspiration:

Mike's TikTok

- Itty Bitty Micro Farm YouTube:

Mike's YouTube Channel

Special Offer for Listeners:

Dive into the world of microgreens with Growth Bites, the ultimate hub for enthusiasts of all levels! Our community offers a rich tapestry of resources, from expert-led workshops to engaging articles and vibrant discussions. Whether you're a veteran grower or just beginning, you'll find inspiration and support to fuel your journey. At Growth Bites, connect with like-minded individuals, share your growth stories, and expand your microgreen mastery. Join us and let your passion for microgreens, and your knowledge, reach new heights!

 Growth Bites

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