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October 9, 2023 48 mins

Hosts Andy and Tom talk about the more than 50 new restaurants that have opened so far this year in Cincinnati, a class action lawsuit accusing TQL of underpaying employees, protestors striking out against P&G's forestry practices, Amazon getting even bigger at CVG and the Foo Fighters coming to Great American Ball Park.

Interview starts at (25:17). Nancy Aichholz has always had a thing for baking. She started Nan Cakes after her carrot cake recipe caught fire with her friends. Her newest company, That's So Sweet, is now the official cookie of the Cincinnati Bengals, sold inside of Paycor Stadium. She talks about growing that company, how she got in with the Bengals and what the end game is for the cookie company.

Above the Fold is a podcast by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

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