AEC Groundbreaking Growth

AEC Groundbreaking Growth

Have you ever attended a conference and been so excited to apply new ideas and insights learned; only to lose sight of them once you’re back to reality? We have. So, we created a podcast that generates that same enthusiasm and inspiration, but on a consistent and convenient basis. We’ll be giving you things to think about and apply to your company that drive growth and profitability. Together we’ll be creating momentum for success. Please join us, even grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some groundbreaking growth.


July 22, 2024 33 mins

Are you ready to step up as a leader in the AEC industry? This episode of AEC Groundbreaking Growth explores the critical skill of building a culture of connection. 

 Our guest, Tony Smith, of R&R Engineers-Surveyors, shares his insights on fostering collaboration across teams in the fast-paced AEC environment. Learn how to break down departmental silos and encourage a more holistic approach to projects. Discover strategies from...

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Attention Emerging Leaders in AEC! This episode of the AEC Groundbreaking Growth Podcast is for you. We feature Bolanle Williams-Olley, the CFO of Mancini Duffy, a prominent architectural firm based in New York City. Bola discusses her unique career path, highlighting the importance of lifelong learning, embracing opportunities, and giving back to the community. She also shares her BOLD framework, specifically designed to help emer...

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Do you have a passion you'd love to turn into a career? In this episode of AEC Groundbreaking Growth, SN’s Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox welcome Matt Nichols, Principal of Acoustics at Jaffe Holden. Matt discusses his unique career path, which began with a passion for music and led him to the world of acoustics. He shares how his background in music has helped him excel in his current role and offers valuable advice for emerging...

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This sneak peek episode introduces our interview with Matt Nichols, Principal of Acoustics at Jaffe Holden. Matt's story is an inspiration, showcasing how he transformed his passion into a successful AEC career.

Join SN’s Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox as we they how he identified his interests and strategically connected them to the AEC industry. This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone wanting to bridge...

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Frustrated with a limited AEC career progression? Feeling like your unique skills aren't fully used? Unlock your leadership potential and craft your dream career with our next episode of AEC Groundbreaking Growth!

Join Emily and Jen as they chat with Rachel Ribich, Strategic Growth Manager at Nunn Construction. Rachel's impressive journey, marked by passion, strategic decision-making, and unique strengths, offers a wealth ...

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Whether your career path is a defined roadmap or more of a blank canvas, aspiring leaders in the AEC industry will find great value in our next episode.

Join your hosts Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox as they preface their next chat with groundbreaking growth guest, Rachel Ribich, Strategic Growth Manager at Nunn Construction. If you’ve had difficulties identifying your strengths, finding passion, or balancing your skills and ...

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Personal mastery and leadership development are essential for success in any field, especially Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Katie Goodman, VP of Education and Leadership Programs at ACEC National, joins your hosts, Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox, to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for emerging leaders seeking to grow personally and professionally within the AEC industry.

The AEC indus...

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Aspiring to be a leader in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry? Join Emily and Jen as they engage in a conversation on noticeable soft-skill trends that have emerged in the industry over the recent years, and introduce our next guest, Katie Goodman, Vice President of Education and Leadership at the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) National, and her upcoming discussion on the value of investing i...

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Welcome to Episode 11 of the AEC Groundbreaking Growth Podcast, where curiosity fuels AEC growth! Hosted by Stambaugh Ness, join Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Kevin Hebblethwaite, SN's Director of Business Development.

In this episode, Kevin shares his unique journey from the world of IT to the AEC industry, emphasizing the importance of a broad business perspective for emer...

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In the 21st century, AEC emerging leaders strive for success by embracing a holistic business view. In this episode, hosts Jen Knox and Emily Lawrence share real-life experiences and provide a preview of our next episode featuring SN’s Director of Business Development, Kevin Hebblethwaite. Learn how a comprehensive perspective, spanning business strategy, finance, HR, and more, can elevate your career in architecture, engineering, ...

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Episode 9 of Stambaugh Ness’s AEC Groundbreaking Growth podcast explores key talent acquisition strategies within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Explore how to cultivate and foster intentional growth in the face of a challenging job market. 

Our guest, Aly Wade, Talent Acquisition Manager at Stambaugh Ness, shares a wealth of practical insights and a distinctive perspective acquired over her decade-l...

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What's the secret sauce to building exceptional architecture, engineering, and construction teams?

 In this episode, Emily and Jen offer a sneak peek into insider strategies and exclusive insights that promise to revolutionize your approach to recruitment and help you navigate the AEC talent landscape.

 Whether in the early stages of growth or leading a mature organization, Episode 9 promises valuable takeaways to elevate your t...

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Dive into the world of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), exploring leadership trends, industry insights, and the stories of those making a mark in the field.

In this episode, hosts Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox sit down with a special guest, Emily Preston, the president of Compass Infrastructure Group, a civil engineering firm based in Columbus, Ohio, to explore the leadership methods and office culture that have play...

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Join us as we explore leadership in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

In this thought-provoking series, we tackle the pressing question: What happens when nobody wants to be the leader? Discover insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives on bridging the leadership gap and shaping the future of leadership and culture in AEC and beyond. 

Stay tuned for engaging conversations with industry leaders like Em...

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Get ready for an eye-opening episode where we peek into the world of organizational architecture, career pathing, and the fascinating impact of changing demographics, and total compensation in the AEC industry. It's time to uncover strategies to attract and retain a diverse workforce in today's shifting landscape.

In this episode, we'll explore the current labor market and how it's pushing companies to rethink th...

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In this episode, we dive into the concepts of reskilling and upskilling amid the disruptive forces of AI and automation in the AEC industry. Recent data reveals that Architecture/Engineering is the third most disrupted industry, with novel tools like SAM, the robotic bricklayer, and the rise of programming transforming the sector. 

Addressing the escalating skills gap, we uncover strategies for cultivating a learning culture, emphas...

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On this episode, we navigate the changing leadership landscape within the AEC industry.  Without strategic planning and effective upskilling, many firms struggle to harness the full potential of their employees. We emphasize the significance of a comprehensive training strategy to transition professionals from technical roles to leadership ones.

Plus our experts delve into generational mindset shifts including the desire to work les...

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In this edition, we explore the captivating world of data automation. Join us as we go behind the scenes of SN's remarkable data journey, featuring exclusive interviews with Jason Jaworski, COO; Tom Hyde, Principal Technical Consultant; and Scott Butcher, Director of Strategic Growth Advisory.
 Discover SN's groundbreaking advancements in data processing and warehousing and learn why PowerBI has become a game-ch...

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This week we are chatting with industry expert Scott Butcher, FSMPS, as we dive into the breaking trends in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry's workforce. Discover the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and fostering creativity within AEC organizations. From changing demographics to the growing significance of gender and racial diversity, we talk about valuable insights int...

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🎙️ Calling all AEC professionals! Get ready for transformative growth and innovation with the groundbreaking podcast, Groundbreaking Growth, created by Stambaugh Ness and hosted by Emily Lawrence and Jen Knox.

Join us as we explore strategic growth trends reshaping the AEC industry. Each episode brings the same enthusiasm and excitement you find at conferences, packed with practical insights to apply in your own company.

In our firs...

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