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January 19, 2023 66 mins

The guest on today's episode is Jonne Välilä. He launched his own FBA private label brand in 2017. After selling more than 1 million pens on Amazon, he founded an Amazon agency with his team. He sold both his brand and agency and co-founded aggregator eBrands in early 2021. In today’s episode, he discusses Differentiating Yourself in Three (3) Different Levels.


  • Create your own unique style.
  • Provide a demonstration of how to use the product.
  • Make the packaging more attractive.
  • Create how-to-use product videos.
  • Promote the benefits of using the product.
  • Implement the new changes fast (adapt).
Quote of the Show:Many sellers don’t put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. I would guide everybody to put themselves in the consumers’ shoes and ask what I actually see in my listing and how I solve a problem. 


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