Art Said features conversations through the perspective of the arts in education. Featuring educators and artists - Shawna Longo and Edric Debos.


February 21, 2024 19 mins

In this episode, we take a deeper dive into the purpose of consistent communication through arts advocacy efforts. We talk about what’s at stake and who it’s for.  We also discuss tools and resources for celebrating Youth Art Month and Music in Our Schools Month in March.

Arts Ed NJ - 

Arts Ed Now - 

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In this episode, we chat with Wendy Liscow, the Executive Director of ArtsEd NJ. Our conversations centered around consistent advocacy, recognizing arts education as a social justice, and offering up opportunities to others for arts advocacy.  Learn more at or through their advocacy arm at

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In this episode, we discuss what it means to collaborate and its importance in creating meaningful experiences.  We also give tips for ways to effectively use technology to foster collaboration because we never have enough time!

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January 10, 2024 18 mins

In this episode, we discuss the difference between information and application - what vs. why. Through that we talk about different approaches in education that attempt to remedy that division.

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Brian Hardgroove is perhaps best known as the musical director, bass player of the live band for the rap group Public Enemy. He has worked with a wide variety of musicians and artists, hosted a radio show interviewing other well known musicians and is also a teacher. This conversation focuses on his tenure teaching music production at the Sante Fe University of Art & Design.

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In this episode, we dig into themes that came out of our conversation with Cindy Ingram.  What is social emotional learning? How does intentionality impact instruction and connection within the classroom? What does SEL mean for teachers?

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In this episode, we talk with Cindy Ingram of “Art Class Curator” about her newly published book, “Art is About Being Whole: A Memoir.”  We explore themes found throughout her book that transcend all art forms, while discussing the power behind the current of healing that goes along with connection and creating.  How do we, as educators, nurture meaningful connections for creating, performing or experiencing works of art (visual ar...

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November 15, 2023 16 mins

In this episode, we lean into the notion of shelves to discuss how to manage your shelves. If your goal is to create more impactful educational experiences in and through the arts, then you’re going to need to utilize local sourcing to clean out and restock your shelves.

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The arts play a vital role in educating our students.  In this episode, Shawna sits down with Dr. Matthew Murphy to talk about the arts in education as well as how we define and utilize creativity within our schools.

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October 18, 2023 19 mins

You can’t be afraid to have difficult and honest conversations when determining your intentionality and setting goals within your school/district. This episode discusses the differences between individual and institutional goals and how they impact the role of the arts in education.

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October 4, 2023 16 mins

In order to collaborate with other educators, you need to find a common language so that when you are sharing ideas, they have a place to put them.  This is where arts concepts and the idea of building arts shelves comes in!

To access Arts Concepts posters go to: 

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September 20, 2023 16 mins

Collaboration doesn’t necessarily come naturally.  Every teacher is different - they come with a different perspective, passion, and purpose to why they are a teacher and how they approach their classroom. In this episode, we discuss different ways to build trust and collaboration within your school.

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September 6, 2023 14 mins

In this episode we hope to answer the question - Why this podcast? Shawna Longo & Edric Debos will give you a glimpse into their educational philosophies and experiences that lead them to this point where they decided to share their thoughts, as well as those of others, about the arts in education.

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