Bare Knuckle Recovery

Bare Knuckle Recovery

Bare Knuckle Recovery is a podcast talking about the struggles of drug and alcohol addiction with Nate & Tommy, 2 recovering addicts now working with the community to help struggling addicts to find sobriety in Northeast Indiana. Nate & Tommy share their personal stories and experience working with addicts in the community. Follow this podcast if you or any of your family members have ever struggled with addiction.


July 12, 2024 50 mins

One of the most common questions we are asked, and maybe one of the most common excuses to avoid getting treatment, is centered around how to balance taking time off of work to seek treatment for addiction and/or mental health.

Two of our Bare Knuckle Recovery team members join Tommy and Nate to share their thoughts and experiences from different perspectives.

During the first half of this episode, Jaime Murphy sh...

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Mike Sedjo, one of the Bare Knuckle Recovery team members, sits down with Nate & Tommy to share his story of addiction and recovery.

Mike, like a lot of families who are affected by addiction, thought that hard drugs and serious drug addiction was just something that you hear about in other areas of the country. "Certainly this doesn't happen in my small town or in my family..."

The truth is, ad...

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In this difficult but important episode, we explore the often-unseen impact of substance abuse – the toll it takes on families who lose loved ones to addiction. 

Nate & Tommy are joined by two special guests, Theresa Juillerat and Alice Jordan, who have both experienced the devastating loss of a child to substance abuse.

They'll share their powerful stories of grief, resilience, and the challenges of navigating a w...

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ttps:// Tommy and Nate welcome BKR team member, Zach, back to the show along with longtime friend of the show, Dick Boggess.

Now working together in the community to help those battling addiction, Zach & Dick's history together started inside of drug court under very different circumstances.

Remember, you can watch all of our episodes on YouTube, catch the...

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(Watch this episode here: Bob Springer from 'Felonies to Recovery' joined Nate and Tommy of Bare Knuckle Recovery to tell his very personal story of addiction.

Bob's struggle with drug use began at an early age and led him to crime and imprisonment on several occasions.

He shares how he finally overcame the lifestyle and addicti...

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Cody Knuckles and John Humphries make up the duo, Cody & John Speak. Both living in recovery, Cody & John lean on their firsthand experiences to speak to young people at schools about the true dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, to encourage them to understand that they have purpose, and to help them understand the power of their choices and decisions.

Cody and John joined Nate and Tommy today on the Bare Knuckle Recovery Pod...

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BKR Team Members, Sam & Andrew, join Nate and Tommy to share their stories of addiction to recovery.

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Jarred White, Founder of FW22 in Fort Wayne, IN, sits down with Tommy and Nate to discuss his time serving in the Marines, and what he experienced after returning home.

Every single day in the United States, 22 Veterans take their own lives.

Give the episode a watch to learn about what FW22 is doing to help bring that number down, support families affected by suicide and encourage people to speak up about mental health.


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Fort Wayne Police Sergeant Mark Gerardot joins Bare Knuckle Recovery's Nate & Tommy to talk about overcoming adversity.

From Sergeant Gerardot's perspective working in the field, as well as Nate & Tommy's perspective of using their own pain and struggles as they navigated through addiction and ultimately recovery, they are sharing their stories to try to help people going through similar situations ...

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Nate and Tommy are back in the studio talking gas station hotdogs and the importance of setting boundaries with loved ones who are in active recovery.

Mark as Played Director of Admissions for Fort Wayne Recovery & Allendale Treatment, Kelby Thiebaut, joins Tommy & Nate to talk about the effects of parental substance abuse, and more specifically, her own personal experience.

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April 9, 2023 40 mins

No guest, no problem. Tommy and Nate dive into the common fears people face in early recovery, based on both their experience and of those going through treatment around them.

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On this episode of the Bare Knuckle Recovery Podcast, Tommy and Nate answer a question from a viewer: What are the differences in detoxing from alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, etc?

The short answer is - there are varying effects depending on the substance you withdraw from. Some come with more serious and dangerous side effects than others.

The better answer is - listen to this episode for a full explanation (o...

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As you may have noticed in the background of our previous episodes (if you watch us on YouTube or other social media), the Bare Knuckle Recovery Podcast is recorded in the RemedyLIVE studio here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Today, we’ve brought Clinton Faupel, Executive Director & Co-Founder of RemedyLIVE, from behind the scenes and into the hot seat. 

Clinton, Tommy & Nate discuss RemedyLIVE, using technology to start meaningful ...

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An article out of San Diego (CA) County last month is shedding light on new concerns with fentanyl. And, this time, it's regarding kids ages 1-5.

The article titled, "Opinion: As a doctor, I regularly see young children test positive for fentanyl in San Diego County" brings up two observations: 1) Young children showing up to the hospital testing positive for fentanyl with overdose symptoms and 2) Young chil...

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A lot of our content talks about an individual’s experience with addiction and/or recovery.

But, addiction is not something that only affects the addict. On this episode of the Bare Knuckle Recovery Podcast, we are joined by Jen Hope, Director and Co-Founder of, The Mom of an Addict.

Jen shares her personal story about addiction in her close family, and talks a bit about the mission of her organization.

Learn more about The Mom of an ...

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Watch the episode:

When Tommy and Nate went through drug treatment, they walked out "knowing" they had been cured of their addiction. The same thing happened the next time they went to treatment. And the next. And the next. And...the next.

Many people seeking recovery leave a treatment program knowing the drugs and/or alcohol are out of their system. The feel better (physically, men...

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If you've seen Nate's Documentary, 'Nate & the Detective', you know that (former Detective) Sergeant Gerardo of the Fort Wayne Police Department is a major part of Nate's recovery story.

Sgt. Gerardo dropped by the studio today to chat with Nate & Tommy, not just about their uncommon friendship, but also Sgt. Gerardo's experience and perspective from a policing aspect on how we can bet...

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On our last episode, we asked our viewers & listeners to submit their questions. We'll start with this one - which is a question we receive almost every day: "How do I help someone that desperately needs help, but either does not want help, or doesn't think they need help (even though it's obvious to everyone else that they do?"

Nate & Tommy share their thoughts on this very tough question....

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December 5, 2022 40 mins  If you've been following Bare Knuckle Recovery, you know Nate & Tommy. But maybe you haven't met some of the newer BKR teammates yet.

On this episode: Alicia, Nathan, Jaime and Zach join Tommy & Nate in the studio to share their recovery journeys with you. 

Between all of the BKR members, you'll likely relate to bits and pieces of each of their stories, and if you're s...

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