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February 24, 2023 32 mins

This week’s episode of the Be Customer Led podcast features Amanda Ono, Chief Human Resources Officer at Kroll. When she was in college, her passion was the interaction between teams and leaders and how they worked together to drive results. She worked in a wide range of positions, including recruiting, training, and building leadership programs, which led her towards the specific title she holds now. In today’s conversation, we talk about migrating from customer experience to employee experience.

 [01.26] Professional Journey – Starting the conversation, Amanda shares where she ignited her passion for customer experience. 

[07.40] Outcomes – Amanda explains what outcomes they achieved at Resolver by bringing customers and employees together as a business decision. 

[13.13] Training programs - If training is the answer, what's the question? Amanda shares why training programs fail most of the time and what we need to do to get real outcomes form them. 

[19.37] Leadership and management – We discuss the distinction between change leadership and change management. 

[26.21] Training on empathy – Amanda walks us through how they train employees on building empathy in their onboarding program at Resolver. 

[32.55] Inspiration – Wrapping up the conversation, Amanda shares where she gets her inspiration in her life to keep going. 


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