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September 22, 2022 34 mins

This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Bella Obudho, Head of Operations and Customer Experience at BrighterMonday Kenya. BrighterMonday Kenya is part of Ringier One Africa Media Group (ROAM), one of Africa's major digital publishers, offering global businesses to access targeted audiences nationally, regionally, and continentally. Bella is regarded as a thought leader in ROAM Africa, where she manages the CX Centre of Excellence (COE) and drives the adoption and accountability of NPS best practices. Throughout the span of today's episode, we delve into a diverse range of topics pertaining to the process of setting up a CX Team for Success.

[01:17] Background - Bella recounts her life and career, mentioning the path that led her to become an expert in customer experience.

[03:56] CX in Kenya – Bella discusses the current state of customer service in Kenya and how she believes it may have changed over the past several years.

[08:09] Core Tenants – Bella shares her take on the fundamental principles of customer experience. In addition, she describes how the COVID epidemic has altered her perspective or method for reaching the consumer or employee voice.

[16:05] Technology – We discuss how technology has shaped a new direction in the consumer experience. Additionally, Bella lists a few tools she is eager to use and begin testing.

[26:54] Advice - As a frontrunner in the CX industry, Bella guides individuals who wish to head a function or team.

[31:46] Inspiration – Bella mentions the people she admires and where she finds inspiration.


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