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September 28, 2022 34 mins

“You have to be careful about what dials you are changing because you do not get to learn if you are doing too much, specifically in driving customer acquisition costs down, which is something we think a lot about.”

On this week's episode of Be Customer Led podcast with Bill Staikos; the special guest is Corey Ashton Walters, the Founder, and CEO of Here. "Here" makes it possible for people all over the world to invest in holiday rentals online and receive passive income from the asset class with the most significant yield in real estate, all without lifting a finger. In today's episode, Corey takes the listeners along on his journey as an entrepreneur, sharing his experiences and the lessons he's learned along the way. 

[00:32] Corey's Journey – Presenting a concise overview of his company's business model, Corey shares how this path ultimately led him to start "Here." 

[13:57] Development Process – Corey describes how he uses client insights into his development process. 

[16:51] Advice – Corey imparts his guidance to business owners and other entrepreneurs. 

[19:30] Superfan - Corey discusses how to recognize a superfan and how he has included them into his company's growth strategy.

[24.47] Name – Corey recounts the sequence of events that led him to choose the name "Here." 

[28:54] Guest's Question - In response to the prior guest's question, Corey expresses his thoughts on reducing acquisition costs. Also, he poses a question for the following guest. 

[34:24] Inspiration – Corey mentions where he finds inspiration.


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