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January 18, 2023 29 mins

Janet Polach, executive coach, speaker, author, and retired marine, joins Bill Staikos for this week's episode of Be Customer Led. Janet has extensive training and expertise as an executive coach and leader-builder. Leaders throughout the world have benefited from her coaching and guidance. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Development from the University of Minnesota and is a retired Marine lieutenant colonel. Today's session focuses on her insights and advice for aspiring and established leaders alike in the realm of coaching.

[01:20] Janet's Background – Janet commences the conversation by detailing her background.

[05:54] Bill as a Leader - Janet gives Bill a leadership coaching session, during which she questions him on several themes and delivers insights. 

[11:56] Culture of Feedback – The concept of receiving regular feedback. 

[17:44] Coaching – Role of coaches, their impact and importance, and underlying reasons why most middle-aged individuals hesitate to get the support they need. 

[23:40] Tools for Success - How can middle-level managers ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools for success and do not lose personnel at their level or below?

[28:18] Inspiration –  Janet responds to the question of which leaders she admires and where she finds inspiration.


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The Seven Mistakes New Managers Make: How to Avoid Them and Thrive:

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