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February 1, 2023 29 mins

The CEO of Wine Access, Inc., Joe Fisch, joins Bill Staikos on this week's episode of Be Customer Led. Through careful selection, engaging narratives, and impeccable provenance, Wine Access makes finding and enjoying the world's most inspiring wines simple. During this episode, Joe discusses a variety of the experiences, insights, and perspectives that he has gained throughout his time working in the wine industry. 

[02:37] Background –  Joe describes his professional career, including the steps that ultimately resulted in the launch of his company. 

[05:47] Wine Access –  How exactly does Wine Access cater to the needs of its customers? 

[09:09] NPS – NPS, CX, and the Wine Industry

[13:37] Personalization – Joe explains how quickly they swing into action when a customer is having a bad time with their service. On top of that, he details his company's usage of customization. 

[19:05] Customer Satisfaction -  We talk about how to strike a balance between maximizing profits and sales and providing a satisfying experience for customers.

[25:33] Guest’s Question: In response to the previous guest's question, Joe outlines his interest in philanthropy and donating.


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