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November 9, 2022 37 mins

“Customer experience isn't something that organizations control because that is ultimately how customers perceive their interactions with the company.”

On this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, Michael Hinshaw, President of McorpCX, joins us in conversation. Michael and his group assist businesses in improving their interactions with customers by applying digital and customer-centric innovations. Prominent analysts have hailed Michael as a pioneer in digital transformation and customer experience. In today's conversation, he expresses his thoughts on the evolution of customer experience management, discussing what has been happening in the CX space, what differentiates companies in the CX space, and where it's going.

[01:07] Micheal's Background – Michael shares his journey and the work he is currently engaged in while discussing how to identify opportunities while entering a new industry 

[07:23] Customer Experience - Michael defines customer experience and where he believes it should reside from an organizational structure viewpoint.

[11:03] Qualities and Skills - What leadership styles are the most effective in the CX space, and what qualities and abilities do such leaders possess?

[13:35] Core Tenants – Michael discusses the key tenets of customer experience and the areas where he believes the most significant roadblocks exist.

[23:22] CX in Real Business Outcomes - How to link customer experience management initiatives to real business outcomes. 

[28:58] The Future - We explore where technology and customer experience are headed.

[33:48] Last Guest's Question - Which business or product have you suggested to a friend, and why?


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