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January 4, 2023 34 mins

The current generation of chatbot technology utilized in business and consumer settings has significant shortcomings, such as a lack of long-term memory, interactive learning, deep contextual knowledge, and the inability to reason or explain itself, making conversing in a meaningful manner impossible. Our guest today is Peter Voss, the founder/ CEO/ chief scientist at AGI Innovations & is the most sophisticated platform available for natural language interaction. It is implemented utilizing 'The Third Wave of AI,' a cognitive architecture resembling the brain. In this episode, Peter explores the past, present, and future of conversational AI and its impact on the user experience.

[01:06] Peter's Journey - Peter recounts his professional journey, mentioning a couple of defining moments in his career. 

[04:53] - We discuss Peter's company and the products he and his team deliver.

[07:16] Levels of Chatbots - Evolution of conversational AI technology. 

[11:31] Use Cases - Peter highlights some of the fascinating use cases he has observed, mentioning the B2C and B2B applications and the most significant issues with tech support in conversational AI. 

[21:33] Conversational AI - How will conversational AI technology affect our advancement as customers, and how will it improve our lives as individuals? 

[27:37] The Future – Peter outlines his predictions for the future of technology and his hopes for its improvement.


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