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January 25, 2023 27 mins

This week on Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, we interview Stacy Salvi, Vice President of Strategy at Movano Health. Movano Health is creating a portfolio of purpose-driven healthcare products to bring medical-grade, high-quality data to the forefront of consumer health devices. They are on a mission to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, happier life by integrating crucial health data with individualized intelligent feedback in stylish form factors tailored to your specific lifestyle and present you with the data most important to you. Throughout today's episode, Stacy elaborates on Movano's mission and delivers her insights on wearable technology and the customer experience.

[00:28] Journey – Stacy describes her exciting journey thus far. In addition, she details her work at Movano and the company's emphasis on women. 

[07:27] Wearable Technology - How has technology worn on the body progressed? How has the consumer's viewpoint evolved?

[09:41] Other Use Cases - Stacy shares where besides healthcare, she sees the most pressing need for wearable technology. 

[12:30] The Combination – Customer Experience, User Experience, and Product 

[18:49] The Future – What does the future hold for wearable technology?

[24:09] Guest Question – Stacy's Question: How do you find balance in your life and translate that into your working life?


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