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January 11, 2023 38 mins

Trey Hoffman, Vice President of Customer Experience at Fleetio, joins the Be Customer Led podcast for this episode. Fleetio's software enables global organizations to track, analyze, and enhance fleet operations. In today's episode, Trey, who has a deep-seated interest in assembling formidable teams to aid clients in achieving their goals by employing novel approaches, discusses his experiences in this regard.

[01:03 Trey's Journey – Trey recounts his experience and describes what Fleetio offers its customers. 

[09:10] Evolution of the Team - Trey explains what he was looking for in the CX team when he joined Fleetio, how Trey structured the team, and the change in the team structure he is most proud of implementing.

[16:09] Team's success - Defining what constitutes success for the team.

[19:34] Customer Feedback - Trey describes how he will relay customer feedback to the product board.

[24:07] Customers' Success - How to measure the customers' success? How to balance focusing on different customer types and deciding whom the company wants to invest the most? 

[30:22] Future – Trey expresses his desires regarding his discipline.

[33:18] Trey's answer – Trey responds to the previous guest's questioning regarding the brand experience that has been relevant, proactive, and responsive to his needs.


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