Belly Button Portal: The Only Way Out-y, is In-y

Belly Button Portal: The Only Way Out-y, is In-y

The Belly Button Portal Podcast was born out of the idea that only by looking inward can we truly figure out this life - hence our tagline - "The only way out-y is in-y". As humans existing in this universe we have the ability to accomplish anything we dream of, and many people out there are doing just that! Each episode is a quest to connect with those people, and along the way learn a great deal about ourselves. The Belly Button Portal Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you find your podcasts. If you enjoy the podcast, you can help support us by Buying Us A Coffee: #reiki #tarot #shamanism #herbalism #vitalism #psychiccommunication #magic #nature #forestbathing #spiritualism #spirituality #intuition #personalpower #womanpower #empowerment #selfempowerment #science #art #astronomy #history #philosophy


July 14, 2024 50 mins

What a thrill for us to be able to talk with EarthSky's founder and editor in chief, Deborah Byrd! As a science journalist and educator Deborah has been sharing the beauty, wonder and happenings of the cosmos with the world for over 30 years. We discuss the incredible community platform she has created for scientists, astronomers and enthusiasts to share their love of all things earth and sky, and her hopes for it's futur...

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Please tune in for this delightful conversation with Brenna Lynn of Brenna Living Joyfully, who truly is living joyfully! Brenna realized that she wanted a simpler and more fulfilling existence, and decided to take a leap of faith to experience life in a van with her sweet dog Abby traveling across Australia. We learn how she made her dream a reality, what daily van life is like and the beautiful self discoveries that have unfolded...

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In this fascinating episode we talk with Astronomer Theresa Wiegert about galaxy formation, gaseous halos and dark skies! We'll learn how she was able to turn her love of planets and astronomy as a child into a profession that she's passionate about, and the project she's currently working on in Spain. She helps us to understand how our own galaxy, The Milky Way, relates to the bigger picture of the cosmos and how ex...

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We are thrilled to share this inspiring and perspective shifting conversation with You Can Heal You Founder and Director, and Macrobiotic Food Energetics Counselor, Virginia Harper.

Terminally ill at the age of 23, Virginia found her way to healing through the power of food and understanding what her body needed, completely turning her health around within a year. She has dedicated her life to empowering and educating oth...

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This inspiring episode with Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo of Empowering Light Language is a message of hope for all of us wanting to live an exuberant life! She guides us through some of her techniques as a Therapeutic Energy Worker where she is able to facilitate a greater connection to our bodies and awareness of how the language we choose can move us towards or away from what we truly desire to create. Join us for this uplifting co...

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Join us for this fascinating episode with Intuitive Reader Gina Griffiths where we discuss our ability to trust and develop our connection to our intuition. Gina guides us through practices and tools we can use everyday to tap into the innate gift we all possess. You won't want to miss this lively conversation as we cover a range of healing  perspectives, as well as the existence of spirit guides and the hope for positive chan...

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In this special episode host Laura and her sweet mom Dee take a ride into the hills of Candor, NY to visit the Daffodil Festival and the breathtaking Zamoiski family daffodil farm. Here they have the wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with Amy Zamoiski about the history and incredible work of Spread the Joy. Join them as they enjoy a wine and couch side re-cap of a day well done. You won't want to miss this funny day in th...

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In today's episode co-hosts Josce, Becki and Laura catch up and discuss where they are in their personal journeys after big life changes and the evolution of the podcast. We'll talk about how Becki brought her dream of a Wellness Center into being and check in to see how Josce and Laura are creating new lives after leaving long term job and business endeavors. Tune in for this fun conversation between friends about life, ...

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Part  2 of this fascinating and lively conversation with Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Jennifer Luciana.  Although Jennifer discovered her psychic gifts as a child, they weren't fully realized until she learned the practice of Reiki and channeling energy decades later. She was grateful to find the right guidance and support that led her to the life she leads now, a beautiful, joy-filled life as an energy and light wor...

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Join us for an inspiring episode featuring the effervescent PJ Olsen, a Nashville physical trainer that helps ambitious adults get the most out of life by reclaiming their mobility and strength so they can feel as youthful on the outside as they do on the inside!

In this episode, PJ shares her personal journey of moving from years of chronic pain to a place of empowerment with the tools and training to help others.  Workin...

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Join Josce, Becki and Becki's husband, Nashville Musician Tim Baumgartner as they travel to the Missouri Ozarks to experience the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024.

Tim Baumgartner music:

Four Creeks Ranch Campground, Ellington, MO:


#eclipse2024 #totalsolareclipse #eclipse #...

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This week we welcome the extraordinary Robin Barnes in the first of a series of conversations with her about her unique healing modalities. Robin is a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Instructor, Sound Healer, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, and Certified BioAcoustic Practitioner & Instructor. She is the OG in Sound Healing here in Middle TN who continues to share her gifts of this beautiful meditation with the com...

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Ever wonder what our animal friends are thinking and feeling? Tune in to learn how Energy Worker and Animal Communicator Jennifer Luciana (and co-host Laura's sister) uses her gift of animal communication to address the emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of our animal counterparts. Jennifer explains how it can help to strengthen the bond of understanding and communication between humans and their pets, and helps us t...

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Co-host Josce Dierschke expands more on the practice of Reiki, in particular how powerful and beneficial Reiki can be with dying and death, or life transitions. Drawing from personal experiences Josce inspires us from the heart about the connection and bridge Reiki can provide during these very difficult times in life that we all experience. Whether human or animal facing the realities of death of a loved one does not have to be fi...

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In today's episode we discuss Reiki Energy Work. All three co-hosts are certified Reiki practitioners at the Master level, but today we take a dive into the deep waters of this practice with co-host and Nashville Reiki Master Becki Baumgartner. Becki introduces us to what Reiki is, where it came from, how it got to America and best of all, how easy it is to learn the basics of Reiki! Sharing her personal experiences and unique...

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Today's Belly Button Portal Ponder:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
― Anais Nin

Co-host Laura Nevins reads Intuitive Tarot and gives us an introduction into working with Tarot and Oracle, powerful tools for tapping into our intuition and gaining deep insights and clarity. Laura works intuitively by connecting with the messages w...

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March 1, 2024 13 mins

Welcome to the Belly Button Portal Podcast: The Only Way Out-y is In-y! 

Co-hosts Laura and Josce have left their jobs and are heading out into the world to forge new life chapters. They share their thoughts about what the future may hold for them and the possibilities of creating lives outside the lines. They explore different perspectives on the many ways to live a life, as well as how to find balance in not only making ...

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