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April 16, 2024 49 mins

In this episode of "Best But Never Final," delve into the evolving landscape of career entry points into the private equity industry with hosts Lloyd Metz, Doug McCormick, and Sean Mooney. The trio, seasoned in the nuances of private equity, dissect the journey from traditional roles in investment banking and consulting to the increasingly recognized value of operational expertise. This conversation offers a candid look at the prerequisites for a successful career in private equity, emphasizing the significance of intellectual curiosity, the strategic advantage of an MBA, and the diverse skill sets required to thrive.

Listeners will gain:

  • 00:00 - An understanding of how foundational roles shape a professional's readiness for private equity challenges.
  • 12:30 - Insights into the strategic pivot points offered by business school for those transitioning into or within the private equity space.
  • 25:15 - A broadened perspective on the variety of pathways into private equity, highlighting the importance of operational roles in today's market.
  • 37:00 - Actionable advice for those aspiring to break into private equity, focusing on the necessity of passion, resilience, and a unique mindset.
  • 44:00 - Recommendations on literature that encapsulates the core principles of investment, business strategy, and life skills crucial for anyone aiming to make their mark in private equity.

Join "Best But Never Final" for a thought-provoking discussion that demystifies the private equity sector and offers guidance for those plotting their course in this competitive arena.

For more information on the podcast, visit and embark on your journey to private equity excellence today.

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