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March 19, 2024 48 mins

About the Episode: In this enlightening episode of "Best But Never Final," hosts Doug McCormick, and Sean Mooney delve into the intricate process of value creation within the private equity landscape, from the perspective of both the PE firm and the portfolio company CEO. Featuring Scott Milberg, CEO of AmerCareRoyal, a portfolio company of HCI Equity Partners, the conversation explores the transformative journey of AmerCareRoyal from a family-owned business to a leading supplier in the food service industry. This episode offers a rare glimpse into the collaborative dynamics between a private equity firm and its portfolio company, highlighting the strategies, challenges, and successes that drive exponential growth and value creation.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:35 - Introduction to the episode's focus on value creation within private equity.
  • 01:30 - Scott Milberg shares the history and evolution of AmerCareRoyal.
  • 07:05 - Discussion on HCI's approach to value creation and portfolio company growth.
  • 18:59 - The role of job creation in private equity's contribution to the economy.
  • 24:53 - Scott Milberg outlines four pillars of AmerCareRoyal's value creation strategy.
  • 38:13 - Best practices for CEOs working with private equity firms.
  • 41:36 - Future challenges and opportunities in continuing the path of value creation.

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In this episode, listeners are treated to an in-depth conversation that spans the initial acquisition of a family-owned business by HCI, through the strategic expansions and operational enhancements that catapulted AmerCareRoyal to nearly a billion in revenue. Scott Milberg's firsthand account provides valuable insights into the CEO's role in navigating the partnership with a private equity firm, emphasizing the importance of alignment, transparency, and a shared vision for growth. Doug McCormick's contributions shed light on HCI's philosophy towards fostering sustainable growth and the critical role of human capital in achieving transformational success. This episode is a testament to the power of strategic private equity partnerships in driving innovation, growth, and economic impact.

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