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January 30, 2024 4 mins

The "Best But Never Final" podcast is a treasure trove of actionable insights for business builders, presented by a trio of seasoned private equity veterans. This podcast is an essential resource for mid-level, early-career private equity professionals, founders, CEOs, and anyone interested in the transformative power of private equity.

Our hosts bring a wealth of experience to the table. Doug McCormick, managing partner and CIO at HCI Equity Partners, has nearly two decades of experience in the firm, specializing in creating significant value in lower middle market companies. Lloyd Metz, Managing Director at ICV Partners, brings over twenty years of expertise in guiding companies at the lower end of the middle market to achieve their full potential. Completing the trio is Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave, who, as a long-term private equity investor, has extensive experience as a deal team member and investment committee partner at a leading private equity firm.

"Best But Never Final" is more than just a podcast—it's a journey into the minds of private equity experts. Listeners will gain a deep understanding of how private equity professionals think and operate. For CEOs, the podcast is a guide on how to collaborate effectively with PE sponsors and leverage the private equity playbook to augment the value of their companies.

The show goes beyond just private equity mechanics; it also provides valuable context by discussing key trends in the business world, the economy, and private capital markets. Understanding how the private equity world navigates economic cycles to advantage their companies is crucial. The hosts will share insights on creating opportunities out of challenges and how business builders can thrive in various economic climates.

The podcast's name, "Best But Never Final," encapsulates the essence of private equity—a sector that is perpetually striving for excellence, where the term 'best and final offer' is merely a starting point. In private equity, as in life, the work truly begins post-investment, and adapting to an ever-changing landscape is paramount. This name reflects the relentless pursuit of excellence and the understanding that in business, as in life, one is never truly done; there is always room for improvement and growth.

Doug and Lloyd echo this sentiment, emphasizing that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey, not a destination. This philosophy is not confined to private equity alone; it's a principle that can be applied to all aspects of life and business.

Listeners of "Best But Never Final" can expect a series that is not only informative and educational but also engaging and inspiring. The podcast promises to add value to its audience by equipping them with the knowledge and strategies to excel in the private equity space.

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