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April 6, 2024 64 mins

The workshop 'The Art of Creating' teaches you the foundational principles of creativity, intuition and reality design. To connect with your creative potential and empower you to become the prime creative force in your life and create what you love - participate now: 🎁 My gift to you 🎁 Initiate your language flow through intuitive speaking and train empathy and mental flexibility at the same time - take part now for free: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- MY GUEST -- Thomas Sheenan is a philosopher, and Professor Emeritus at the Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University and Professor Emeritus at the Department of Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago. He is known for his books on Heidegger and Roman Catholicism. His specialties are in philosophy of religion, twentieth-century European philosophy, and classical metaphysics. Among many, he is the author of “Making Sense of Heidegger: A Paradigm Shift” In this insightful discussion, Thomas Sheehan delves into Heidegger's profound explorations of being, language, and our existential journey. Heidegger's philosophy is not just an intellectual exercise but a deep inquiry into our very nature of existence, challenging us to confront the core of what it means to be. Sheehan emphasizes that Heidegger sees language as not merely a tool for communication but as the very medium through which we interpret and construct our reality. This conversation illuminates the intricate relationship between our capacity for thought, language, and the ongoing process of meaning-making that defines our human condition. ★★ Free PDFs of Thomas Sheenan books ★★ Making Sense of Heidegger: What is Metaphysics? More about Thomas Sheenan: ---------- Know yourself, because the truth sets you free. This is what this eye-opening intuitive reading is all about: Become the prime creative force in your life - free, inspired, joyful and powerful! Join the Transformational Coaching Program now: Join us on an immersive journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where amidst vibrant biodiversity and indigenous culture, you'll explore your deepest truth and can find a state of pure being and bliss, allowing you to connect with the essence of who you truly are: Subscribe to my newsletter for regular, horizon-opening impulses to help you lead a free, inspired life: ------------ -- THEMES -- Introduction to Heidegger's Existential Inquiry Heidegger's Challenge to Metaphysics The Role of Language in Constructing Reality Exploring "Being-towards-death" and Mortality Heidegger on Thinking, Meaning, and Authenticity The Interplay Between Individual and Society in Heidegger's Philosophy Sheehan's Unique Interpretation of Heidegger Concluding Thoughts on Heidegger's Philosophical Impact - - - - - - Disclaimer: The views and opinions in "Beyond Perception Podcast" are those of the host and/or guest speakers, providing listeners with varied perspectives based on personal experiences. Listeners should think critically about the content before making decisions. Any actions taken by listeners due to the podcast are their own responsibility. The host and producers of "Beyond Perception Podcast" are not liable for decisions made based on the content. Remember, everyone's situation is unique; evaluate your own before making choices. - - - - - - - #Heidegger #Philosophy #Existentialism #BeingAndTime #Phenomenology #LanguageAndMeaning #HumanExistence #Mortality #Authenticity #ThomasSheehan

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