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February 18, 2024 63 mins

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-- MY GUEST --

Mark, is the founder of IQ Mindware and an applied cognitive neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from the joint program of Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, who has also taught at the University of Cambridge. He specializes in developing brain training programs aimed at improving intelligence and resilience. He currently holds an associate position at the University of Essex Online and leads the Health, Resilience and Performance Laboratory, focusing on collaborative research into cognitive training interventions.

The key concepts of this mind-blowing conversation:

💡 The Multidimensionality of Intelligence

💡 Nurture vs. Nature - the Determinants of Intelligence

💡 The (limited) Concepts of Intelligence

💡 The Importance of Balance between Flexibility & Structure

More about Dr. Mark Ashton:


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-- THEMES --

Journey into Cognitive Science: A Personal Insight

IQ MindWare: Pioneering Brain Training Programs

Understanding Intelligence: A Deeper Dive

Psychometrics of Intelligence: The G Factor and Beyond

Challenging the G Factor: Alternative Theories

Development and Intelligence: The Role of Education

Fluid vs. Crystallized Intelligence: A Comparison

The Bayesian Brain Hypothesis: Perception and Reality

The Dynamics of Creativity and Problem-Solving

Life Narratives and Values: The Apex of Intelligence

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