Beyond the Legal Limit with Jeffrey Lichtman

Beyond the Legal Limit with Jeffrey Lichtman

Recently described by the media as a "legendary New York criminal defense attorney," Jeffrey Lichtman has successfully handled criminal trials and appeals on some of the country's largest stages. His clients include those charged in the federal and state systems with white collar and non-white collar offenses. For over 30 years, Mr. Lichtman's practice style has been marked by exhaustive pretrial preparation and smothering pressure inside the courtroom. His cross-examinations, in fact, have been described in the media during the John Gotti, Jr. trial as a "relentless pounding" in which witnesses were "put through the blender and shredded." The Gotti trial ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge, and a deadlocked jury on every remaining count. The media described the verdict as an "unbelievable courtroom upset" and Mr. Lichtman's work as "brilliant." In the recent high-profile Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman trial lasting 3 1/2 months, Mr. Lichtman's work was described by the media as "an astonishing performance" and "so wildly entertaining." Some of Mr. Lichtman's recent clients also include Assistant USC basketball coach Tony Bland, Emma Coronel, rappers Fat Joe and The Game, the alleged Boss of the Colombo Family Andrew Russo, Olympians, judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and countless others. Mr. Lichtman's appellate practice has also had great success, winning freedom for clients sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In September of 2010, he won the freedom for a client who had been convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault of four victims. After his appeal to the NJ Appellate Division forced the trial court to grant a hearing on trial counsel's possible ineffectiveness, Mr. Lichtman's scathing examination of trial counsel was halted by the judge – who indicated she was prepared to vacate the conviction on the spot – and the client was released, never to return to prison again. A 1990 graduate of Duke University School of Law, Mr. Lichtman's office has begun representing individuals on Civil Rights/police misconduct issues as well as on sexual harassment and discrimination claims -- and in just a short time, Mr. Lichtman has garnered multiple millions of dollars of settlements for women sexually harassed in the workplace, and was selected as a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Mr. Lichtman has recently been profiled in New York Magazine, the New York Daily News, and in The New York Times as part of the "Public Lives" series. Mr. Lichtman can also be heard as a guest host on 710 WOR Radio (every Monday morning at 7:05 AM), WABC Talk Radio, Fox News Radio, and AM 970 The Answer in New York City. Mr. Lichtman’s office website is


April 29, 2024 54 mins

In this explosive episode of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeffrey Lichtman delves into the disturbing rise of extremist activities on college campuses, focusing on a recent incident at Columbia University where Jewish students were targeted by pro-Hamas radicals. Imagine sending your child to a prestigious university, only to find they're subjected to hate-filled tirades from supporters of terrorism, right in the heart of their college ...

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In this podcast, Jeff discusses the Iranian missile attack on Israel which could have led to thousands of deaths if not for the skill of the Israelis and the incompetence of Iran. Regardless, a new status quo must be set: any Iranian terror proxy attack on Israel needs to be met with an attack on Iranian soil. Furthermore, the celebrations by the “ceasefire now crowd” as Iran was raining missiles down on Israel reveals the obvious:...

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In this April Fool’s Day podcast, Jeff reminisces about simpler times and lemonade stands, a time before the internet and cell phones — and how kids used to learn about new music. Jeff opines on the over the top searches of Sean Combs’ two homes as he reveals he’s been hired to represent P. Diddy’s son. The government rarely fights fair when they have a major target in its sights. 

Jeff discusses how two top American universities ha...

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Jeff dives into the almost comedic legal saga of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer, and his quest to end his federal supervised release early. Despite the steep odds, Cohen found a lawyer dumber than him and hilarity ensues.

Jeff’s week also ran the gamut from representing Chapo’s son in Chicago on Monday to being on the business end of an emotional meltdown from opposing counsel during a deposition on Friday.

Switching gears, Jeff...

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Jeff explains how he discovered the band Devo — and led him to rediscover the Rolling Stones. All of this sets the stage for some disgusting stories about peanut brittle and school stairwells.

In other news, Joe Biden is terrified of losing the Muslim terror vote in Michigan. So what if these voters openly support Hamas and claim the October 7 massacre in Israel was an inside job? Joe Biden needs these votes so our allies need to di...

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In this podcast, Jeff admits that although he is not a Trump fan, it’s simply impossible to ignore the fact that the criminal and civil trials brought against him were done so to prevent his election. None of these cases were serious enough that they needed to be brought. But they were and it wouldn’t be so painful if his opponent was even remotely competent. But Joe Biden has opened the floodgates to millions of illegals including...

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In this new podcast, Jeff describes two court appearances from this past week, one before Trump’s judge from his defamation case and the other the detention hearing for his assisted suicide-charged client; a loss would guarantee his elderly client dying in jail before he even gets to trial.

Otherwise, Jeff points out the Democrats’ dual election strategies, present and future: altering foreign policy to appease Muslim terror support...

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In this new podcast, Jeff patiently breaks down the disastrous handling of Trump’s latest trial: it couldn’t be more obvious that his lawyer had never tried a federal case before. What does that tell us about Trump’s judgment when he hires the dumbest lawyer in America? 

A music recommendation. Just listen to it, you’ll thank Jeff later. 

And some breaking news about two new cases Jeff was hired on: an assisted suicide case that may ...

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In this new episode, Jeff explains how liberals have gone from goofy tree huggers to treasonous conspirators with America’s worst enemies. Now the Houthis, who brought slavery back to Yemen — among other charming progressive ideals — are the darlings of the far left. We must stop this idiocy before we surrender the country to these lunatics.

Jeff also explains that former Harvard president Claudine Gay should be an embarrassment to ...

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In this new podcast, Jeff details the massive global hypocrisy in the condemnation of Israel and the calls for a ceasefire in Gaza —  as Hamas slaughters its own people and murders civilian hostages they took on Oct 7. The hypocrisy hit a crescendo last week as the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT somehow couldn’t say that calling for the genocide of Jews is against their schools’ code of conduct. This level of idiocy isn’t sur...

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In this podcast, Jeff breaks down the utter insanity of Jew hate which has erupted globally as well as in NYC and throughout American college campuses. And he points out that now is the time to speak up. If you can’t open your mouth now, you may never get another chance. Some students are heeding the call and refusing to be silent. Some strong voices for justice are coming from the most shocking places. Maybe it’s time for you to w...

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In this podcast, Jeff provides an update on the war between Israel and Palestinian terrorists: “humanitarian” terror supporters are rampaging all over America and Europe demanding a ceasefire — even as they call for the genocide of Jews. Has anyone noticed either the hypocrisy of the “protestors” or that somehow we allowed hundreds of thousands of Islamist maniacs into our country after 9/11?

Donald Trump definitely will not be in p...

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In this podcast, Jeff discusses the war in Gaza; the world suddenly has forgiven Hamas and wants Israel to make peace with crazed killer maniacs. The protests in cities worldwide and on American campuses make clear that gassing Jews is the main goal of Israel’s enemies.

In non-jihadist news, three of Donald Trump’s lawyers pled guilty in his Georgia RICO case. Jeff explains why these relatively minor pleas combined with the lawyers’...

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In this podcast, Jeff discusses the aftermath of last week’s Palestinian massacre in Israel — laid bare are two opposing sides in the battle for civilization: you’re either with Israel against the Islamic terror horde or you are with the terrorists. This is a battle between light and darkness, good and evil.  There is no more grey area. Silence is complicity. Pick your side wisely.

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This weekend saw the worst terror attack ever against Israel by the Palestinian-elected government. Children, women, and the elderly were raped, tortured, kidnapped, and killed. Citizens of multiple countries including the US, Mexico, and Germany were victims. Yet there are no #bringbackourgirls signs being held up by a sad-faced Michelle Obama, and Democrats held rallies for the Palestinian terrorists. Israel goes it alone, again,...

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In this new episode of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeff explains the only issue that matters in the next election, which affects all the other issues: the invasion at our border. When even the liberal mayor and governor of NYC and NYS agree, it’s time to wake up before it’s too late. Jeff also discusses his client Ovidio Guzman’s extradition to the U.S. and what comes next. Finally, Jeff reveals the origin of his germ phobia, which beg...

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This episode explains Jeff’s strategy behind achieving practically three no-jail federal sentencings in eight days — on cases totaling $11 million in fraud. 

Jeff also reveals that NYC Mayor Adams finally admits that the Biden administration’s open border policy has destroyed his city. MAGA is mad at Jeff — the voicemail one of them left is priceless — and the Proud Boys actually think Trump will save them. Finally, Trump’s brainles...

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In this hotly anticipated new podcast, Jeff finally gets off his ass and catches up on the new Trump Indictments. However, this podcast isn't an analysis of the evidence. Instead, the issues discussed include:

  1. Should the party in power get to eliminate its opponent without an election?
  2. Why would Trump insist upon running when he knows he can't win, and how his loss will ensure a liberal sweep of the Senate, House, and probably Su...
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In this new podcast, Jeff talks about taking his sons to the National, the big baseball card show in Chicago, and reflects on how parenting impacts children. That segues into Hunter Biden’s latest debacle, his temporarily failed plea agreement. Somehow at age 53, Hunter is still a mess and has only his father to blame for setting a bad example.

Donald Trump is spending all of his campaign donations on legal bills — and somehow his v...

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In this episode, Jeff points out the obvious answer to the world’s most obvious whodunit: yes, it’s Hunter Biden’s cocaine and yes, this is like the tenth time he’s lied about his cocaine use. Why does the Biden administration have to lie to us? And why is a crackhead sex addict living in the White House?

In other obvious news, Jeff points out when society fell apart: the advent of social media. Jeff aches for the old days when lawy...

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