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August 7, 2023 21 mins

Today, we delve into the changing landscape of COVID-19.  Corinne Kohler, MD, FAAFP and Santina Wheat, MD, MPH, FAAFP provide valuable insights into this complex scenario.

COVID-19's shift from a designated public health emergency isn't an end.  Rather, it’s a transition in the battle against the virus.  We explore the impacts of this decision, the continued need for testing and vaccinations, and the vital role of vigilance against new variants.  It's clear that even as the emergency status ends, the importance of sustained public health education and understanding the nuances of reported data remains paramount.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of COVID-19, we discuss the imminent introduction of monovalent vaccines in the fall.  These vaccines will undoubtedly bring about new counseling challenges. Dr. Wheat and Dr. Kohler share their concerns and discuss programs to ensure the availability and continued coverage of vaccines for our patients.  Furthermore, they address the potential impacts of changing regulations on cross-border healthcare for those practicing in states serving neighboring residents; as well as the need for increased flexibility and vigilance in response to these changes.

As clinicians, we need to pay attention to information that is continuing to evolve and speak with our organizations about how our processes are changing.  At the same time, we must remain good advocates for our patients throughout these transitions.

Topics include:

-          Updates since public health emergency (PHE) ended 
-          What has remained the same since the PHE ended
-          Changes in perception of COVID-19 and vaccines
-          Keeping up with new information about changes regarding COVID-19 vaccines


-          Review items that have changed or remained the same with the end of the public health emergency
-          Discuss the introduction of future COVID-19 vaccines and the changing landscape

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