Birth, Baby, and Life

Birth, Baby, and Life

Kristen Burgess shares everything you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting in the Birth, Baby, and Life podcast. Pregnancy, baby care, toddlers, and managing motherhood are all covered!


October 15, 2023 51 mins

What do you do when your doctor doesn't support natural birth and keeps pushing tests and interventions you don't want? Today's episode goes over practical strategies for building your confidence and having open, respectful conversations with your doctor. Listen in to find out exactly what to do. Topics I Cover in This Podcast:Why not knowing […]

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Everyone in your family can get upset: crying baby, tantruming toddler, fighting kids, and an overwhelmed, angry mama yelling at them all! Stressed parents and anxious kids create a cycle of anger, stress, and more anxiety that keeps perpetuating itself - so today, I’ll share strategies to help everyone in the family calm down. When […]

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Moms often need to, or want to, work… but you feel guilty having to handle it all as a working mom. However, the reality of mothering and working is much different than popular beliefs… (and even the myths we have about how working and parenting mix). Join me in today’s episode for an eye-opening look […]

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Can you have it all when you're a mom? How do you ditch the housework and handle the busy life that comes with caring for small children, work, laundry, meals, and more? Every mom is busy - and you probably have some serious guilt. Join me today for encouragement and practical strategies for how mamas […]

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How much pregnancy weight gain is normal? Should you worry about it? What does weight gain in pregnancy mean - or not mean? We’re going to talk about where the pounds come from in pregnancy, how much weight you should gain, and what that means for you in today’s episode. Topics I Cover in This […]

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Get practical, evidence-based information on how to prevent preeclampsia, one of today's most feared pregnancy complications. While we still don't completely understand this dangerous condition, we do have excellent, tested methods to prevent it (or even take steps towards reversing it!). Join me in today's episode where I outline nutritional strategies, supplements, lifestyle changes, and […]

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Did you know that IUGR and pregnancy diet can be related?  Hearing that your baby has fetal growth restriction is really scary, and you probably wonder if there's anything you can do. The good news is you can absolutely help your baby catch up and grow better. In today's episode, I talk about what evidence […]

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Your birth partner is your biggest helper during labor... but there's a problem. Many mamas want a natural birth but end up feeling totally overwhelmed on their birthing day - and even before then. They don’t feel like their birth partner is on board - or helpful at all! Here's how to get your birth […]

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When you plan a natural birth you often get people who doubt you and who don't approve of your birth choices. They may be concerned that you're doing something dangerous, or that you're suffering when you don't need to. This can really affect relationships, so we're talking through how to deal with it in today's […]

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September 30, 2022 46 mins

Feeling stress during your pregnancy? You're not alone! Today's episode covers how stress affects your unborn baby - plus what you can do to handle stress during your pregnancy. I also share why stress (and how you deal with it) can be GOOD for your baby, so don't miss this episode! Topics I Cover in […]

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People think childbirth is at worse very dangerous and at best a gamble. But when women believe only "experts" are qualified to "manage" birth, they lose confidence and fail to see their own strength. Join me in today's episode as we bust some myths about childbirth safety... and talk about what you can do to […]

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July 16, 2022 47 mins

Mom burnout is real - every mome experiences it, and it keeps you from being the mama you want to be. In today's episode I dive into a practical strategy to take the first step out of mom burnout - so you can be the happy mom you'd like to be. Topics I Cover in […]

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Pregnancy and childbirth offer the chance to explore the feminine power of women. Dig deep and find the strength that already lives inside you. You find this reserve during pregnancy, pull on it during birth - and use it over and over and over again as you go through life as a mama. Let's dig […]

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Many moms tell me they can't follow their intuition during pregnancy and birth because they don't have any intuition. Listening to your needs is the first step to discovering your inutition. In today's episode I talk about how to listen to your needs - and how to share your needs - even when you're busy […]

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What do you need to consider when you choose a doctor or choose a midwife for your pregnancy? Today's episode covers what's really important (hint: it's what you want) and how you can both grow your trust in yourself and find a great care provider for your pregnancy. Topics I Cover in This Podcast:What does […]

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I've talked to thousands of women about preparing for childbirth - and labor pain is one of the biggest worries. Can you handle it? Will you lose it? Today's episode focuses on how we think about pain in birth - and how we can handle it.Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Why our views on […]

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Money and kids - are they like oil and water? You can enjoy both your money and your kids - today's episode talks about living well on a budget with a growing family!Topics I Cover in This Podcast: How to let go of fear and find happiness - even on a budget! The pros and […]

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May 29, 2022 52 mins

Toddlers are beautiful, tiny humans - and they can be one of the most confusing creatures on the planet! Here’s how to handle common toddler behavior and set your toddler up for success: Topics I Cover in This Podcast:Working on toddler behavior: why things sometimes get worse before they get betterThis rule of thumb will […]

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April 4, 2022 39 mins

We give a lot of lip service to mothers and how important they are… but does our culture actually value mothers? Everything today is about “science” and “experts” - and slick marketing. As a mother you are indescribable value and worth. Your influence on your family cannot be underestimated. Listen to this episode to understand […]

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Can you give birth without fear?  What exactly is a fearless birth?  Why is there so much sheer terror around birth in modern culture, and why aren’t women prepared when labor begins?  I cover all of this - and how YOU can give birth without fear in today’s episode Topics I Cover in This Podcast:Can […]

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