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The Best in Bitcoin made Audible. Guy Swann makes the knowledge of Bitcoin, the world's most secure, independent money, accessible to everyone. Exploring Bitcoin from an investment perspective, economic analysis, its philosophical foundations, & technological primitives. Reading and distilling thousands of hours of others' works on Bitcoin, Guy explains everything you need to know.


June 19, 2024 194 mins

"The most powerful thing that Bitcoin did was establish a monetary foundation, a monetary policy that was not alterable through a shallow, short term social consensus. That the protocol determines the rules, and then everyone is only able to fight within those rules, and any changes that are made can only occur within those rules, and anybody who tries to break those rules are necessarily forking off. And if they do not get ov...

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    "The last point is crucial — users can withdraw their Ark funds at any time, even if their ASP goes offline or ceases to exist. True self-custody." ~ Ark Labs

    Do we finally have a genuine layer two protocol that offers both seamless payments and true self-custody? With frictionless onboarding and unilateral exits, can ARK solve the long-standing challenges of inbound liquidity and custodial risks? Discover the poten...

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    Is deflation always a bad thing, or have we misunderstood its true impact on the economy? Join me as I unravel the misconceptions about deflation, explore the different types, and explain why modern economics gets it wrong. Discover how Bitcoin fits into this picture and what it means for real economic growth.

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    "Educating the world about bitcoin has succeeded in building a community of knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic people from the fields of tech, economics, politics, and finance, but orange pilling has taken us as far as it can. Like many strategies, the marginal gains of educating the world were remarkable in the early stages, but they’ve flattened... Orange pilling has stopped working." - Roy Sheinfeld

    Has Bitcoin's ...

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    "...that the lives and efforts of other men are not his property and are not there to serve his wishes. A rational man never holds a desire or pursues a goal which cannot be achieved directly or indirectly by his own effort." ~ Ayn Rand

    Is the conflict between individual interests and society a myth? Discover how Ayn Rand's principles of rational self-interest challenge common beliefs about competition and cooperation, and what it ...

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    "In NRA, the Court addressed a critical issue impacting not only traditional advocacy groups but any disfavored, but legal, industry. This ruling draws parallels to Operation Choke Point 2.0, where U.S. regulators have allegedly been targeting crypto businesses through financial exclusion. Moreover, the recent _Cantero_ decision sheds light on how this legal framework might impact Custodia Bank's appeal against the denial...

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    What if the future of decentralization lies not just in Bitcoin, but in the convergence of a multitude of different technologies that bring power back to the individual? How can Bitcoin, AI and 3D printing together disrupt the centralized powers of today and redefine our world in the next 30 years? Dive into this episode with an article from Emile Phaneuf on the convergence of Bitcoin, AI, and localized manufacturing, and what it m...

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    June 2, 2024 73 mins

    "Fedimint is a scalable self-custodial off-chain programmability layer on top of Bitcoin. It allows for use cases that are difficult, time-consuming, and unscalable for general users to do on-chain today. You might think I had a typo calling Fedimint a self-custodial network. Let me explain..." ~ Tony Giorgio

    Have we increasingly lost sight of the nuance in the market for trust that lets us dismiss an ocean of novel and highly...

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    May 30, 2024 58 mins

    People look around and they see a wasteful world. They see endless, mindless consumption. Increasingly, we see people fearing the future rather than hoping for it.

    I'm going to make the case today that in order to realign this, money must be the most valuable good in society. And necessarily, it must be the hardest thing to produce and that we actually can know this because of where the value of money comes from and what the money ...

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    Ideas and ways of thinking are much like paths in the wood. When we explore them often they are well worn and clearly defined. But often we get lost exploring other ideas or focused on something we hope to see in the future, and even the paths we know well get ignored, and the brush starts to creep back in. The noise of the world begins to obscure what was once an obvious truth. This is why its good to refresh important ideas from ...

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    "I believe that hole punch stack can be a really good alternative to static IPs. That way, for example, you want to access your camera from anywhere, you don't really need a static IP. You don't need to pay for that. You don't need to take all those security risks. All you need to do is boot up Holesail or a similar service built on Holepunch to connect peer to peer directly to your computer only to that specific por...

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    May 23, 2024 71 mins

    "This capability ensures that participants can trust the system's integrity without the need for mutual trust among users. It fundamentally alters how trust is brokered globally, extending the reach of reliable transactions beyond traditional, geographic, and institutional boundaries."
    ~ Adolfo Contreras

    In this episode of Bitcoin Audible, Guy Swann delves into an insightful article from Blockstream titled "Scaling Trust: Bitco...

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    "It is like exercising a veto you hold for anything and everything, and yes, vetoes are important in consensus systems. But disrupting conversation is not the veto, the actions of actual transacting economic actors deciding what software to run or not run is the veto. This denial of service on dialogue is not some noble or righteous crusade to save Bitcoin, it is an active attack on those economic actors and their ability to gain a...

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    "The U.S. Government spends in a budgetary deficit, then issues treasuries to pay for the spending, then, at a bigger rate than anybody else, buys the treasuries to cover the loss. An unbelievable Ponzi scheme. The U.S. Government is the director of the Ponzi scheme, the old investor, and the new investor. A true masterclass."

    ~ Cole Walmsley

    Today we tackle the intricacies of fiscal irresponsibility through a Twitter thread by...

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    Today we dive into an amazing chat around the complexities and shifts in law enforcement in a world with Bitcoin, as well as breaking down the nuances and difficulties in both the defense and prosecution of the Samourai Wallet case. Travis, previously a detective who found his speciality in cybercrime and fraud, requiring extensive knowledge and interaction with Bitcoin and blockchain analytics, presents a unique insight into how t...

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    May 14, 2024 106 mins

    In our inaugural episode of The Pear Report, it only felt right to bring Mafintosh and dmc onto the show to explore the transformative potential of the Pear Stack and how it can reshape our digital interactions and the foundational layers of the internet! Delve into discussions on the role of the Pear Stack in enabling more decentralized, secure, and user-empowered digital environments. Do not sleep on what is happening, find out w...

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    "We have the fork wars, we have a culture that understands the importance of nodes and widespread enforcement of a protocol and its rules. Unlike shitcoins, which couldn't care less about it... So this node orientation in Bitcoin is is critical to it not being a shitcoin. So spam has come in and they start trashing the blockchain and exploding the UTXO set and making every block almost four megabytes, which was supposed to...

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    May 6, 2024 95 mins

    "This is a fancy way of saying that you need money to make markets, and you need decentralized, open, digital money to make decentralized, open, digital markets. Furthermore, higher layers require lower layers to exist, but lower layers benefit from the value created at higher layers. However valuable layer one Bitcoin can be as a new global money, it can become significantly more valuable if we recognize it as a crucial techn...

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    May 4, 2024 102 mins

    "I think Americans are used to seeing people arrested for bullshit technicalities and thrown in jail for long periods of time. But in the rest of the world, it is quite uncommon. For a non-US Bitcoin entrepreneur, the US is a scary and dangerous place. American authorities seem resourceful, competent, and motivated to destroy your life just to prove a point. This line of thinking is not paranoia, nor is it cowardice." ~ F...

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    May 1, 2024 83 mins

    "The Samurai wallet developers have been arrested. The government has responded with their opposition to the motion of dismissal in the tornado cash case. Phoenix wallet has withdrawn from the United States. Does one need to have control over the funds to be a money transmitter? Is the lightning network, is Bitcoin, is even self-custody and your home node illegal?

    The past week or so in Bitcoin has seen a flood of new dev...

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