Business Karaoke Podcast with Brittany Arthur

Business Karaoke Podcast with Brittany Arthur

The Business Karaoke Podcast is both a podcast but a community of global leaders who exchange stories to modernize the dialogue around business in and with Japan. The Business Karaoke Podcast is sponsored by Design Thinking Japan.


March 14, 2024 68 mins

Why This Chat with Tyson Batino is a Must-Listen

Ever find yourself wondering how some entrepreneurs seem to effortlessly scale their businesses, transforming from solopreneurs to leaders of thriving enterprises? Or perhaps you've hit a plateau in your growth trajectory and are searching for that breakthrough strategy? If so, our deep dive with Tyson Batino is your treasure map.

Here's what we talk about:

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Episode Overview: In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Tim Romero, the driving force behind the "Disrupting Japan" podcast, to explore the intricate tapestry of Japan's startup ecosystem. Tim shares his rich journey of continuous innovation, the joy of engaging with Japan's most passionate entrepreneurs, and the critical insights he's garnered from transforming passions into impactful project...

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Diving into the heart of business innovation, my latest chat with Sarah Furuya on the "Business Character Podcast" unfurled the beautifully complex layers of intertwining personal growth with the fabric of our professional lives. Sarah, with her candid openness and profound insights, shared her journey and the lessons that are reshaping the landscape of her business a...

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Welcome to an insightful episode of "Business Karaoke," where Brittany Arthur and Matthew Scott Waldman delve into the heart of innovation in Japan. With a critical eye, they explore the nuanced challenges and cultural intricacies shaping Japan's innovative landscape. The discussion ranges from tackling bureaucratic constraints to embracing the rich tapestry of diversity and artistic expression. This episode isn&apos...

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Podcast Episode: "2 Births: My Journey of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship"

🌍 "Join me on an extraordinary journey across continents and through the transformative realms of motherhood and business creation in my latest episode, '2 Births: Welcoming My Son and Incorporating in Japan.' This isn't just my story about embracing new life and new ventures; it's a heartfelt exploration of balancing the p...

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In this episode we are joined by Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO and founder of Kantan Games, a Japan game market consultancy.

As you know, I approach any conversation we have on the Business Karaoke Podcast as if we're on a learning journey together. With all of the conversation around the Metaverse, NFTs, Crypto currencies  and a 2021 study showing that consumer gaming is bigger than movies and music combined, I thought it ab...

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In this episode we are joined by Jennifer Shinkai. You may know Jennifer as the founder and host of the Ikigai podcast or of the on-line community, Make March Matter. Today she joins us wearing yet another hat. This time of diversity and inclusion workshop facilitator.

Jennifer walks us through both the how and the why of metaphor being a powerful tool for communication in your team. I wanted Jennifer to join us on the Bus...

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In this episode we are joined by Jakob Knutzen. Jakob is one of 3 founders and the CEO of Butter - a full workflow for complex collaborative sessions which supports facilitators.

Here's the story of how I connected with Jakob and why I wanted to introduce him to you, too. A few weeks ago, I posted my remote facilitator set up on LinkedIn and I asked for others to share any other of their favorite facilitator hacks or ...

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Welcome to our firs power pair guest appearance at the Business Karaoke Podcast. We're joined by Kristy Ishii, a bi-cultural career transition & wellness coach for expats in the USA and Japan and Nina Cataldo, DEI facilitator, identity coach and the founder of Hafu Ladies (a worldwide community for hafu and mixed-Japanese womxn).

In this episode we deep dive into how to navigate the challenges of growing up and no...

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In this episode we are joined by Fuminori Gunji. Gunji was a founding team member of Softbank Robotics from 2013 to 2016, leading Softbank's domestic B2B businesses and overseas expansion efforts. In 2017, Fuminori Gunji headed business development for MakeLeaps. By the end of 2018, Gunji had successfully closed MakeLeaps’ M&A deal with Ricoh and went on to lead MakeLeaps in 2019 as COO until resigning in 2021. Fuminori is...

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In this episode we are joined by Takuma Iwasa. Iwasa-san is the founder and CEO of IOT consumer electronics company, Shiftall Inc.

I first met Iwasa-san when I visited his Tokyo offices with a mural friend. I say office but it really is more like a buzzing lab. Each person uniquely designed their own workplace with things that inspire them and it's not uncommon to see people walking around wearing prototypes. When Fa...

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In this episode we are joined by the Co-Founder and CEO of LUMA Institute, Chris Pacione. Chris leads a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team of designers and practitioners located around the world who are passionate about fostering the practice of design thinking among individuals, within teams, and across entire organizations. He is co-author of the LUMA System and the book “Innovating for People” and has been awarded numerous U...

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In this episode we are joined by Jayne Nakata. Jayne is the creator of PodLaunch with Jayne and the host of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast.  Jayne story's  one day noticing that there was no voice of other women like herself: foreign, a mother and living outside of the major cities in Japan, feeling isolated and alone in their daily lives to not only publishing over 100 episodes but empowering other women in Japan to o...

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このエピソードで堀江愛利さんあ来ていただきました。堀江愛利さんはWomen's Startup Lab(WSUL)の創設者兼CEO。 WSULはシリコンバレーにあるアクセラレーターです。 WSULは、イノベーションとコラボレーションを通じて女性の成功に取り組んでいます。堀江愛利さんは情熱、結果、そして人前で話すことで国際的に有名です。 さらに、堀江愛利さん最近、アントレプレナー誌によって2020年の100人のPowerful Woman の1人desu。



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In this episode we are joined by Ari Horie. Ari-san is the Founder and CEO of Women's Startup Lab (WSUL). A Silicon Valley based accelerator dedicated to creating a world where women thrive and succeed through innovation and collaboration. Ari is internationally recognized for her passion, results and public speaking prowess and was recently listed as one of the 100 Powerful Women of 2020 by Entrepreneur magazine.


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In this episode, we have the rare pleasure of welcoming back a guest and its all the more special as its close friend of the Business Karaoke Podcast, Evan Burkosky. Evan is a Digital Transformation (DX) expert in Japan helping  businesses adopt new technologies and improve productivity via AI, automation, eCommerce, and retail logistics. He has worked both agency-side and vendor-side selling to Japan’s Fortune 500, co-founded seve...

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このエピソードで And Assistの德丸佳世さんが来ていただきました。佳世さんは東京にあるバイリンガルのバーチャルアシスタント会社の創設者です。佳世さんからどうのようにAnd Assistを始めたとか、女性が離職する一般的な理由とか、将来への希望についてなとを聞きます。



💡 Key Conversations
03:20  |  And Assistのストーリー
10:45  |  女性が離職する一般的な「もったいない」理由
18:30  |  AndAssistの思い出に残る瞬間
23:20  |  働く母親に対する認識と「訳わからないルール」を変える
30:30  |  働く母親を支援するための行動

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In this episode we are joined by Kayo Tokumaru. Kayo-san is the founder of AndAssist, a Tokyo-based bilingual virtual assistant company. Like all inspirational businesses, the reason WHY they exist outshines WHAT they do to exist. It became quite clear to Kayo-san that there simply weren't enough hours in the day to invest in both an, at times rigid, corporate career and a new growing family. So she moved from the corporate wo...

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In this episode of the Business Karaoke podcast, we have the pleasure welcoming back Ryan Hart. Ryan first joined us in episode 34 to talk about Customer Experience and today he joins us to dive deeper into solving Japan’s Customer Experience Dilemma and why better Research, leads to better Design and better CX.

Ryan currently empowers a team of talented creative and strategic doers to help accelerate experience, digital,...

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In this episode we are joined by Robin Doenicke. Robin is the founder and CEO of Zensho, paradigm-changing ‘blue ocean’ platform that would liberate and reward recruitment professionals to a degree previously unseen. What Robin calls, "being in business for yourself but not by yourself." The market responded with awarding them with “Best Company to Work For” and “Best Newcomer.” And in 2020, APAC Entrepreneur magazine fea...

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