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June 20, 2024 12 mins

In this episode of the podcast, Dave Sobel discusses the challenges companies face in successfully implementing AI projects. Only 10% of companies are scaling generative AI projects, with barriers such as demonstrating value and talent shortage hindering progress. Accenture's study emphasizes the importance of reinvention to unlock AI's potential, highlighting the need for organizations to transform, invest in talent, and embrace new ways of working.

The episode also touches on the impact of AI on the workforce, with a report revealing that 55% of employers plan to increase headcount due to AI adoption. However, challenges such as a lack of skills in the workforce pose obstacles to AI adoption. The discussion emphasizes the importance of data quality, availability, and integration for successful AI implementation, regardless of whether companies are implementing AI-based products.

Dave Sobel delves into recent developments in the tech industry, including KPMG's AI Impact Initiative to empower nonprofits with AI technology and skills-based volunteering. Enable's pledge on responsible AI use and White Castle's adoption of voice AI for drive-thru orders are also highlighted. The episode covers various partnerships and initiatives in the tech space, showcasing the industry's focus on innovation and responsible AI deployment.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the evolving workplace dynamics, as Dell employees opt to remain remote despite potential promotions. The reliance on activity-based surveillance tools and the tension between management preferences and employee desires for remote work are explored. The importance of emphasizing results over activity and respecting employee preferences for remote work to build a motivated and productive workforce is highlighted.


Four things to know today


00:00 Only 10% of Companies Successfully Scaling Generative AI Projects, McKinsey Finds

04:23 KPMG and N-able Lead AI Initiatives with Focus on Empowerment and Responsibility

06:29 Huntress Secures Major Investment: What It Means for the Managed Security Landscape

09:01 The Pitfalls of Activity-Based Surveillance: Wells Fargo's Firings Spark Debate


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