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June 14, 2024 12 mins

In this episode of the podcast, host Dave Sobel discusses significant developments in the tech industry. Microsoft's Recall AI feature for Copilot Plus PCs has been delayed to address privacy and security concerns raised by privacy advocates and security experts. The delay indicates Microsoft's commitment to ensuring high standards of quality and security before making the feature available to users. A comparison is drawn between Microsoft's data recording approach and Apple's context-aware data handling strategy, highlighting a strategic difference that could influence market preferences.

The episode also covers Kaseya DattoCon Europe, where Kaseya introduced new initiatives such as Kaseya 365 and partner programs aimed at empowering MSPs and enhancing cyber insurance coverage. The event showcased Kaseya's commitment to supporting its partners and driving growth in the MSP market. Additionally, the partnership between Spectra and Ingram Micro to enhance cyber insurance solutions and cyber resilience warranties was discussed, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in strengthening cybersecurity measures.

Dave Sobel delves into VMware's $600 million revenue decline following Broadcom's transition to a subscription model, highlighting the challenges faced during major business model transitions. The revenue drop underscores the shift towards subscription licensing for long-term stability and growth, despite short-term revenue impacts. The episode also explores Apple's AI strategy, client-oriented IT approaches, and Google's innovative traffic solutions, providing insights into key developments shaping the tech industry.

In the segment on big ideas, the episode discusses Apple's focus on personalization and performance in AI, the importance of client-oriented IT practices for improving customer service, and Google's green light product for optimizing traffic flow. The discussions offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and the strategic considerations that tech companies and IT professionals need to address. The episode concludes with a preview of upcoming episodes featuring discussions on AI strategy, customer relationships, and technology at the border, providing a glimpse into the diverse topics covered in the Business of Tech podcast.


Four things to know today

00:00 Microsoft's Recall AI Delayed for Copilot Plus PCs, Highlights Privacy and Security Challenges

01:57 Kaseya DattoCon Europe: Kaseya 365 Growth, New Partner Initiatives, and Cyber Insurance Enhancements

06:20 VMware Sees $600 Million Revenue Decline Amid Broadcom’s Transition to Subscription Model

07:49 Weekend Reads: Apple’s AI Strategy, Client-Oriented IT, and Google’s Traffic Solutions



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