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June 15, 2024 31 mins

In this episode of the Business of Tech Lounge, host Dave Sobel is joined by Seth Robinson, Vice President of Industry Research at CompTIA, to discuss the value of artificial intelligence (AI) for providers. They delve into the importance of understanding AI as a layer within business solutions rather than a standalone product. The conversation highlights the need for providers to focus on guiding clients through the integration of AI into their existing workflows, emphasizing the importance of data management and client consultation. 

Robinson and Sobel explore the concept of strategic IT and the shift towards investing in applications rather than computing platforms. They stress the significance of building a foundation for technology evaluation and adopting a continuous improvement mindset. The discussion touches on the challenges faced by managed service providers in balancing standardization with the need for flexibility and adaptation in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. 

The conversation also delves into the role of governance in AI implementation, emphasizing the need for guiding principles and ethical considerations in utilizing AI technologies. Robinson and Sobel highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in AI usage, particularly in data analysis and decision-making processes. They underscore the value of communication and consultation in helping clients navigate the complexities of AI integration and maximize the benefits of emerging technologies. 

The episode concludes with a preview of an upcoming interview with Petra Molinar, a lawyer and anthropologist specializing in border technologies. The interview explores the ethical implications of AI-driven technology in migration and the importance of considering real-world impacts when innovating. The discussion underscores the need for thoughtful governance and ethical frameworks in leveraging AI technologies to ensure responsible and impactful use in various industries.


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