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June 11, 2024 9 mins

The Ticketmaster breach is linked to Snowflake, putting 400 companies at risk. Snowflake warns customers about hackers targeting accounts without multi-factor authentication, potentially connected to the Ticketmaster breach. The threat actor responsible aims to blackmail Snowflake for $20 million, highlighting the importance of MFA in cybersecurity.


Microsoft responds to concerns about their Recall feature, which captures user activity on AI-powered PCs. Cybersecurity expert discovers potential security flaws, prompting Microsoft to update the feature for improved security and privacy controls. Users will now need to opt-in and prove their presence via Windows Hello to use the recall feature, emphasizing the importance of strict access control measures.


Broadcom's acquisition of VMware raises concerns among IT workers at North American VMware customers. Despite worries about price hikes and disruption to IT strategy, most customers plan to stay with VMware due to its embedded nature in their infrastructures. However, Stormagic is launching a new hyper-converged infrastructure solution, SVHCI, as an alternative to VMware for edge and SMB environments, offering cost savings and high availability.


Research from Gartner reveals that executives and employees are hesitant about return-to-office mandates, with some viewing them as a way to conduct back-channel layoffs. The post-COVID work culture has led to increased workplace surveillance and decreased productivity. In contrast, the Office of Personnel Management Director advocates for continued remote work for cybersecurity professionals in federal agencies, emphasizing the importance of creating an open culture and avoiding micromanagement for success.


Four things to know today


00:00 Ticketmaster Breach Tied to Snowflake: 400 Companies at Risk

01:30 Microsoft Responds to Recall Feature Concerns with Improved Security and Privacy Controls

03:02 Broadcom Faces Potential Backlash from VMware Customers Amid Acquisition Concerns

04:24 RTO Mandates Linked to Back-Channel Layoffs, Studies Suggest



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