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September 10, 2020 29 mins

Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of tellent and is on a mission to make work, work better for women. Her professional experience spans three continents across brand strategy and international market development and while her primary school teachers didn’t appreciate her questions challenging “why”, she embraces that curiosity and the perspective that comes with challenging the status quo to create impactful and lasting change.


In this episode:

Jennifer Hargreaves, Founder and CEO of tellent and is on a mission to make work, work better for women.  Jennifer has such a sparkling personality & a global citizen of the world.  We chat about how her curiosity led her to found Tellent.  


We chat about:

  • How tellent was created from her own needs of flexibility
  • Lots of jobs… access to FREE Job boards
  • Lots of companies are hiring, but roles have been elevated
  • How #COVID has created time for repurpose our why
  • How to stand out during the #COVID pandemic, especially when there is lots of top talent out there.
  • Power of Networking 
  • How to change the next few years
  • Understanding the difference between time & space
  • COVID is a gift
  • Ideas Lab is the new playground for ideas
  • tellent has lots of free resources including access to job boards
  • 15% discount for access to Virtual Talent Platform which is a networking community and mastermind group for job-seekers and freelancers to find and build flexible work.
    •  CANINNOVATE Listeners (code: CanInnovate)
  • And so much more


About tellent:

tellent is a job-board and networked platform that connects professional job-seekers and freelancers with entrepreneurs and inclusive businesses to find, fill and build flexible work opportunities.


Connect with Jennifer:

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