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January 18, 2024 50 mins

Grant Quasha is betting big on green cement. "People don't realize how big the cement and concrete businesses are. [...] It's the number one commodity in the world other than water."  

The chairman and CEO of Eco Material Technologies views the $350+ billion cement industry as a giant potential market for sustainable construction. After years of investment banking in commodities and materials, Grant moved from investing in other businesses to building his own, with major impact. 

Listen as Grant Quasha shares loads of insight from selling sustainability plans to envisioning the massive role the materials sector could play in building a decarbonized future.

Episode timestamps:

  • 00:00 - 00:56 Grant Quasha on the twofold potential of sustainable concrete. 
  • 00:57 - 02:39 Conor Gaughan introduces Grant Quasha of Eco Material Technologies.
  • 02:40 - 06:18 Early career, materials and commodities, and the learning curve. 
  • 06:19 - 13:30 Business school, international shipping, and building businesses. 
  • 13:31 - 19:14 Green cement in Texas and concrete vs cement. 
  • 19:15 - 26:16 How Eco Material Technologies creates impact. 
  • 26:17 - 33:14 Capturing lightning in a bottle, potential growth, and pitching investors. 
  • 33:15 - 39:33 Capital markets and aligning doing good with doing well. 
  • 39:34 - 44:46 Public policy, climate legislation, and institutional support. 
  • 44:47 - 49:10 Upcoming innovations, leaving a legacy, and setting priorities.
  • 49:11 - 50:57 How to learn more and closing credits. 

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